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ROR (RAR-related orphan receptor) is a nuclear receptor family of intracellular transcription factors and appears to bind as monomers to hormone response elements.

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. GC31880 AZD-0284
  3. GC32713 Cintirorgon (LYC-55716)
  4. GC31871 GNE-0946
  5. GC33882 GNE-6468
  6. GC13905 GSK2981278 RORγ-selective inverse agonist
  7. GC18591 GSK805 GSK805 is a potent, orally bioavailable retinoid-related orphan receptor gamma t (RORγt) inverse agonist that interacts with the receptor's putative ligand binding domain without exerting significant effects on DNA binding.
  8. GC32044 L 601920-0 (Methyl-3β-hydroxycholenate)
  9. GC10644 Neoruscogenin nuclear receptor RORα agonist
  10. GN10325 Nobiletin ERK inhibitor
  11. GC34710 PF-06747711
  12. GC14054 SR 0987 agonist of the T cell-specific isoform of RORγ
  13. GC15009 SR 1001 RORα and γ inverse agonist
  14. GC14418 SR 1555 (hydrochloride) inverse agonist of RORγ
  15. GC14284 SR 2211 inverse agonist of RORγ, potent and selective
  16. GC16392 SR1078 Orphan receptor agonist
  17. GC12877 SR3335 RORα agonist,partial inverse and selective
  18. GC31163 TMP778
  19. GC31533 Vimirogant (VTP-43742)

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