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LysoTracker Blue DND-22 (Synonyms: LysoTracker Blue DND-22; LysoTracker Red DND-99; Lysotracker Green)

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Lysotracker probes are acidotropic fluorescent probes used for labeling and tracking acidic organelles in living cells.

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Sample solution is provided at 25 µL, 10mM.

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Lysotracker probes are acidotropic fluorescent probes used for labeling and tracking acidic organelles in living cells. These probes have several important features, including highly selective targeting of acidic organelles and efficient labeling of living cells at nanomolar concentrations. In addition, the LysoTracker series is available in several fluorescent colors, making it particularly suitable for multicolor labeling experiments.

Lysotracker probes, which contain a fluorescein linked to a weak base, are partially protonated at neutral pH, can freely penetrate the cell membrane and typically accumulate on spherical organelles. Studies have shown that Lysotracker probes must be used at very low concentrations (usually around 50nM) to achieve excellent selectivity. The retention mechanism of these probes, although not fully understood, is likely related to protonation and retention in acidic organelles, even though subsequent treatment of cells with weakly alkaline cell permeable compounds does not usually reverse the staining results. Studies on the internalization kinetics of Lysotracker probes have shown that the uptake rate of the dye into living cells is only a few seconds. However, these lysosomal probes can cause lysosomes to become alkaline, such as long-term incubation that induces an increase in lysosomal pH. Therefore, it is recommended to incubate cells with the probe for only 1-5 minutes before imaging.

LysoTracker Blue DND-22 is a blue fluorescent dye that stains acidic compartments in living cells, with a maximum excitation/emission wavelength of ~373/422nm. This product is stored in DMSO at a concentration of 1mM. For lysosomal staining of living cells, the recommended working concentration is 50-75nM, which needs to be optimized and adjusted according to actual conditions.


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