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Protease Inhibitor Cocktail VI (100X in DMSO, EDTA plus)

Catalog No.: GK10020

Inhibit proteolytic degradation during cell lysis and protein extraction

Protease Inhibitor Cocktail VI (100X in DMSO, EDTA plus)  Chemical Structure

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Sample solution is provided at 25 µL, 10mM.

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Thaw on ice, add at 1:100 (v/v) dilution to solution samples (such as cell lysates or tissue extracts) before assaying. Applications: WB, Co-IP, pull-down, IF, IHC, Flow Cytometry, kinase assay and etc.


Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (100X in DMSO, EDTA plus), which is used during cell lysis and protein extraction, is a ready-to-use concentrated stock solutions of multiple protease inhibitors for endogenous protease. This product contains a separate 0.5M EDTA solution which inhibiting metalloproteases.

It generates optimized concentrations of six broad-spectrum protease inhibitors stabilized in DMSO, that powerfully inhibits serine-proteases, cysteine-proteases, aspartic acid-proteases and aminopeptidases appearing in cellular lysate samples. EDTA provides inhibition for metalloproteases.

EDTA inhibits metalloproteases by chelating the divalent cations that is necessary for their activity, so the activities of other proteins may be affected by EDTA. Therefore, empirical testing may be need in particular experiments to determine if EDTA will take a bad impact. If the protein of interest is to be purified using immobilized metal chelate affinity chromatography (IMAC) or analyzed by 2D gel electrophoresis, EDTA must be removed by extensive dialysis or desalting before purifying.



Summary                CAS Number Targets    
A (100X in DMSO) AEBSF.HCl Serine protease inhibitor 30827-99-7 Proteases|Serine Protease
Aprotinin Inhibitor of bovine pancreatic trypsin 9087-70-1 Proteases|Serine Protease
Bestatin Aminopeptidase inhibitor 58970-76-6 Proteases|Aminopeptidase
E-64 Cysteine protease inhibitor,irreversible 66701-25-5 Proteases|Cathepsin
Leupeptin Inhibitor of serine and cysteine proteases 103476-89-7 Proteases|Serine Protease
Pepstatin A Aspartic proteinases inhibitor 26305-03-3 Proteases|Other Proteases
B (100X in ddH2O) EDTA, disodium salt, dihydrate Metalloprotease inhibitor 6381-92-6 protease


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