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Thyroid hormone Receptor

Thyroid hormone receptor is a nuclear hormone receptor that activates or represses transcriptioin. It has effects on heart rate, lipid and lipoprotein metabolism.

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. GC10384 3,3',5'-Triiodo-L-thyronine TRΔα1 activator
  3. GC18696 3,5-Diiodothyropropionic Acid 3,5-Diiodothyropropionic acid (DITPA) is an inotropic thyroid hormone analogue of L-thyroxine that binds to the thyroid hormone receptors TRα and TRβ (Kas = 2.4 and 4.06 x 107 M-1, respectively, for human recombinant receptors).
  4. GC38581 Abaloparatide TFA
  5. GC33764 Eprotirome (KB2115)
  6. GC31616 KAT681 (T0681)
  7. GC11268 L-Thyroxine

    Iodine containing hormone

  8. GC36487 L-Thyroxine sodium salt pentahydrate
  9. GC36465 Liothyronine
  10. GC12409 Liothyronine Sodium Thyroid hormone (T3) analog
  11. GC18243 MGL-3196 MGL-3196 is an agonist of thyroid hormone receptor β (TRβ; EC50s = 0.21 and 3.74 uM for TRβ and TRα, respectively).
  12. GC32415 PCO371
  13. GC30588 Protirelin (Synthetic thyrotropin-releasing factor)
  14. GC33845 Protirelin Acetate (TRF Acetate)
  15. GC12903 Sobetirome Agonist of tyroid hormone receptor
  16. GC34822 T3-ATA S-isomer
  17. GC34824 T4-ATA S-isomer
  18. GC17983 Taltirelin novel orally active TRH analogue
  19. GC10413 Thyroid Hormone Receptor Antagonist (1-850) Thyroid hormone receptor antagonist
  20. GC31328 Thyroxine sulfate (T4 Sulfate)
  21. GC15001 Tiratricol thyroid hormone analogue

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