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Galanin Receptors

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. GC11955 AR-M 1896 Selective GAL2 agonist
  3. GC17570 Galanin (1-15) (porcine, rat) N-terminal galanin fragment used to mediate central cardiovascular effects
  4. GC11614 Galanin (1-29) (rat, mouse) Non-selective galanin receptor agonist
  5. GC10862 Galanin (1-30) (human) Endogenous peptide with multiple endocrine, metabolic and behavioral effects
  6. GC13112 Galanin (2-29) (rat) Peptide agonist for galanin receptors
  7. GC13193 Galanin (porcine) Endogenous porcine galanin receptor agonist
  8. GC15835 Galnon Novel non-peptide galanin GAL1 and GAL2 receptor agonist
  9. GC13254 M 1145 galanin receptor 2 (GAL2) agonist
  10. GC13801 M40 galanin receptor antagonist
  11. GC14455 M617 Selective galanin GAL1 receptor agonist
  12. GC17038 M871 Selective galanin GAL2 receptor antagonist

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