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Ibrutinib-biotina es una sonda que consiste en Ibrutinib unido a biotina a través de un enlazador de cadena larga, extraÍdo de la patente WO2014059368A1 Compuesto 1-5, tiene un IC50 de 0,755-1,02 nM para BTK.

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Ibrutinib-biotin Chemical Structure

Cas No.: 1599432-18-4

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Ibrutinib-biotin is a probe that consists of Ibrutinib linked to biotin via a long chain linker, extracted from patent WO2014059368A1 Compound 1-5, has an IC50 of 0.755-1.02 nM for BTK. IC50: 0.755-1.02 nM (BTK), 1.71-2.29 nM (TEC), 3.66-4.27 nM (BLK), 4.42-5.57 nM (BMX), 5.99-6.92 nM (LCK), 33.8-36.3 nM (Src), 0.187-0.198 μM (ITK),5.34-4.87 μM (JAK3)[1]

Ibrutinib-biotin (Compound 1-5) is a probe that consists of Ibrutinib linked to biotin via a long chain linker. Ibrutinib is a TEC family kinase inhibitor. The TEC kinase family is composed of five members, TEC, BTK (Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase), ITK (interleukin-2-inducible T-cell kinase)/EMT/TSK, BMX and TXK/RLK. The TEC family kinases participate in phosphotyrosine- mediated and phospholipid-mediated signaling systems. Many TEC family proteins are abundantly expressed in hematopoietic tissues, and play important roles in the growth and differentiation processes of blood cells[1].

[1]. Betty Y. CHANG, et al. Companion diagnostics for tec family kinase inhibitor therapy. WO 2014059368 A1.


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