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  1. Cat.No. Nombre del producto Información
  2. GC66197 α-?Terpinyl acetate α-El acetato de terpinilo es un éster de monoterpeno aislado del aceite esencial de Laurus nobilis L. α-El acetato de terpinilo es un sustrato competitivo de P450 2B6 que se une al sitio activo de P450 2B6 con un valor Kd de 5,4μM. α-?Terpinyl acetate  Chemical Structure
  3. GC11123 α-CEHC

    γTocopherol Metabolite, GTM, 2,7,8trimethyl2(βCarboxyEthyl)6Hydroxychroman

    A major metabolite of δ-tocopherol α-CEHC  Chemical Structure
  4. GC48276 α-Cyclodextrin (hydrate)

    α-CD, NSC 269470, Schardinger α-Dextrin

    A cyclic hexasaccharide α-Cyclodextrin (hydrate)  Chemical Structure
  5. GC48278 α-D-Glucose-1,6-bisphosphate (potassium salt hydrate)


    A bis-phosphorylated derivative of α-D-glucose α-D-Glucose-1,6-bisphosphate (potassium salt hydrate)  Chemical Structure
  6. GC48279 α-D-Glucose-1-phosphate (sodium salt hydrate)

    α-D-Glc 1-P

    An intermediate in glycogen metabolism α-D-Glucose-1-phosphate (sodium salt hydrate)  Chemical Structure
  7. GC52253 α-Enolase (1-19)-biotin Peptide

    Enolase-1 (1-19)-biotin

    A biotinylated α-enolase peptide α-Enolase (1-19)-biotin Peptide  Chemical Structure
  8. GC45208 α-hydroxy Metoprolol α-hydroxy Metoprolol is an active metabolite of the β1-adrenergic receptor blocker metoprolol. α-hydroxy Metoprolol  Chemical Structure
  9. GC45210 α-Linolenic Acid (sodium salt)

    ALA, C18:3 (9Z,12Z,15Z), C18:3 n-3

    α-Linolenic acid (ALA) is an essential fatty acid found in leafy green vegetables. α-Linolenic Acid (sodium salt)  Chemical Structure
  10. GC48283 α-Linolenic Acid-d14


    An internal standard for the quantification of αLinolenic acid α-Linolenic Acid-d14  Chemical Structure
  11. GC45602 α-Linolenic Acid-d5 MaxSpec• Standard

    ALA-d5, C18:3 (9Z,12Z,15Z)-d5, C18:3 n-3-d5

      α-Linolenic Acid-d5 MaxSpec• Standard  Chemical Structure
  12. GC49008 α-Muricholic Acid-d4


    An internal standard for the quantification of α-muricholic acid α-Muricholic Acid-d4  Chemical Structure
  13. GC40480 α-Phenyl-α-(2-pyridyl)acetonitrile

    NSC 16276, 2-Pyridylphenylacetonitrile

    α-Phenyl-α-(2-pyridyl)thioacetamide, also known as antigastrin and SC-15396, is an inhibitor of gastric acid secretion. α-Phenyl-α-(2-pyridyl)acetonitrile  Chemical Structure
  14. GC45232 β-D-Glucosamine Pentaacetate

    N-Acetyl-β-D-Glucosamine tetraacetate, NSC 224432

    β-D-Glucosamine pentaacetate is an N-acetylglucosamine derivative that has been shown to promote hyaluronic acid production. β-D-Glucosamine Pentaacetate  Chemical Structure
  15. GC49769 β-Glucogallin


    A plant metabolite and an aldose reductase 2 inhibitor β-Glucogallin  Chemical Structure
  16. GC49890 β-Glycerophosphate-d5 (sodium salt hydrate)

    Glycerol 2-Phosphate-d5

    An internal standard for the quantification of β-glycerophosphate β-Glycerophosphate-d5 (sodium salt hydrate)  Chemical Structure
  17. GC49647 β-Hyodeoxycholic Acid (hydrate)

    3β,6α-dihydroxy-5β-Cholan-24-oic Acid, isoHDCA, Isohyodeoxycholic Acid

    A 3β epimer of hyodeoxycholic acid β-Hyodeoxycholic Acid (hydrate)  Chemical Structure
  18. GC49007 β-Muricholic Acid-d4


    An internal standard for the quantification of β-muricholic acid β-Muricholic Acid-d4  Chemical Structure
  19. GC41502 β-Myrcene

    NSC 406264

    β-Myrcene (β-ޚ-Myrcene), un compuesto volátil aromático, suprime la actividad de NF-κB inducida por TNFα. β-Myrcene  Chemical Structure
  20. GC40551 γ-CEHC

    γTocopherol Metabolite, GTM, 2,7,8trimethyl2(βCarboxyEthyl)6Hydroxychroman

    The major tocopherol obtained from natural dietary sources is γ-tocopherol, whereas α-tocopherol is the form of Vitamin E typically obtained from synthetic supplements. γ-CEHC  Chemical Structure
  21. GC52400 γ-Glu-Ala (trifluoroacetate salt)

    γ-Glutamylalanine, γ-L-Glutamyl-L-alanine

    A dipeptide γ-Glu-Ala (trifluoroacetate salt)  Chemical Structure
  22. GC52404 γ-Glu-Phe (trifluoroacetate salt)


    A dipeptide with metabolism-altering activity γ-Glu-Phe (trifluoroacetate salt)  Chemical Structure
  23. GC45239 δ4-Abiraterone

    CB 7627, D4A

    δ4-Abiraterona es un metabolito principal de abiraterona. δ4-Abiraterona es un inhibidor de CYP17A1, 3b-hidroxiesteroide deshidrogenasa (3βHSD) y esteroide-5a-reductasa (SRD5A) y también un antagonista del receptor de andrÓgenos. δ4-Abiraterone  Chemical Structure
  24. GC15975 α-Estradiol

    Alfatradiol, α-Estradiol, 17-epi Estradiol, NSC 20293, 17α-Oestradiol

    α-El estradiol es un estrÓgeno débil y un 5&7#945;-inhibidor de la reductasa que se usa como medicamento tÓpico en el tratamiento de la alopecia androgénica. α-Estradiol  Chemical Structure
  25. GC49009 ω-Muricholic Acid-d4


    An internal standard for the quantification of ω-MCA ω-Muricholic Acid-d4  Chemical Structure
  26. GC49296 τ-Fluvalinate


    A pyrethroid acaricide τ-Fluvalinate  Chemical Structure
  27. GC46314 (±)-β-Hydroxybutyrate-d4 (sodium salt)

    βHydroxybutanoic Acidd4

    An internal standard for the quantification of (±)βhydroxybutyrate (±)-β-Hydroxybutyrate-d4 (sodium salt)  Chemical Structure
  28. GC52010 (±)-10-hydroxy-12(Z),15(Z)-Octadecadienoic Acid

    αHYA, (±)-10-hydroxy-12(Z),15(Z)-ODE

    An oxylipin gut microbiota metabolite (±)-10-hydroxy-12(Z),15(Z)-Octadecadienoic Acid  Chemical Structure
  29. GC52013 (±)-10-hydroxy-12(Z)-Octadecenoic Acid

    10-hydroxy-cis-12-Octadecenoic Acid

    An oxylipin and metabolite of linoleic acid (±)-10-hydroxy-12(Z)-Octadecenoic Acid  Chemical Structure
  30. GC52421 (±)-10-hydroxy-12(Z)-Octadecenoic Acid-d5

    10-hydroxy-cis-12-Octadecenoic Acid-d5

    An internal standard for the quantification of (±)-10-hydroxy-12(Z)-octadecenoic acid (±)-10-hydroxy-12(Z)-Octadecenoic Acid-d5  Chemical Structure
  31. GC41661 (±)-4-hydroxy Propranolol β-D-Glucuronide (±)-4-hydroxy Propranolol β-D-glucuronide is a metabolite of (±)-4-hydroxy propranolol, which is a metabolite of propranolol. (±)-4-hydroxy Propranolol β-D-Glucuronide  Chemical Structure
  32. GC46284 (±)-Cotinine-d3 An internal standard for the quantification of cotinine (±)-Cotinine-d3  Chemical Structure
  33. GC41671 (±)-Equol 4'-sulfate (sodium salt)

    R,S-Equol 4'-Sulfate

    (±)-Equol 4'-sulfate is a gut-mediated phase II metabolite of the isoflavonoid phytoestrogen (±)-equol.

    (±)-Equol 4'-sulfate (sodium salt)  Chemical Structure
  34. GC41315 (±)-Ketoprofen Glucuronide

    rac-Ketoprofen Acyl-β-D-glucuronide, (R,S)-Ketoprofen Glucuronide

    (±)-Ketoprofen glucuronide is a phase II metabolite of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) ketoprofen.

    (±)-Ketoprofen Glucuronide  Chemical Structure
  35. GC40954 (±)-N-3-Benzylnirvanol

    (S)-N-3-benzyl Nirvanol

    (±)-N-3-Benzylnirvanol is a racemic mixture of (+)-N-3-benzylnirvanol and (-)-N-3-benzylnirvanol. (±)-N-3-Benzylnirvanol  Chemical Structure
  36. GC49875 (±)-N-desmethyl Venlafaxine (hydrochloride)

    Wy 45494

    A minor active metabolite of venlafaxine (±)-N-desmethyl Venlafaxine (hydrochloride)  Chemical Structure
  37. GC39271 (±)-Naringenin

    SDihydrogenistein, NSC 11855, NSC 34875, Salipurol

    (±)-naringenina es un flavonoide natural. (±)-Naringenin  Chemical Structure
  38. GC45618 (±)-trans-GK563


    A GVIA iPLA2 inhibitor (±)-trans-GK563  Chemical Structure
  39. GC40802 (±)12(13)-DiHOME

    Isoleukotoxin diol

    (±)12(13)-DiHOME is the diol form of (±)12(13)-EpOME, a cytochrome P450-derived epoxide of linoleic acid also known as isoleukotoxin.

    (±)12(13)-DiHOME  Chemical Structure
  40. GC40270 (±)5(6)-DiHET


    5(6)-DiHET is a fully racemic version of the enantiomeric forms biosynthesized from 5(6)-EET by epoxide hydrolases.

    (±)5(6)-DiHET  Chemical Structure
  41. GC40282 (+)-5-trans Cloprostenol

    DCloprostenol, (+)5,6trans Cloprostenol, (+)5trans16mchlorophenoxy tetranor PGF2α, (+)5trans16mchlorophenoxy tetranor Prostaglandin F2α

    Cloprostenol is a synthetic derivative of prostaglandin F2α that is used in veterinary medicine as a luteolytic agent for the induction of estrus and in the treatment of reproductive disorders in cattle, swine, and horses. (+)-5-trans Cloprostenol  Chemical Structure
  42. GC45260 (+)-Cloprostenol isopropyl ester

    (+)-5-cis Cloprostenol isopropyl ester, (+)16mchlorophenoxy tetranor Prostaglandin F2α isopropyl ester

    (+) - éster isopropÍlico de cloprostenol, una prostaglandina F2α anÁlogos, es el intermedio de (+)-cloprostenol. (+)-Cloprostenol isopropyl ester  Chemical Structure
  43. GC45262 (+)-Cloprostenol methyl ester

    DCloprostenol methyl ester, (+)16mChlorophenoxy tetranor PGF2α methyl ester

    (+)-Cloprostenol is a synthetic analog of prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α). (+)-Cloprostenol methyl ester  Chemical Structure
  44. GC45264 (+)-Geodin (+) - Geodin, un metabolito fúngico, muestra actividad antibacteriana. (+)-Geodin  Chemical Structure
  45. GC12404 (+)-Ketoconazole

    R 41400

    (+)-ketoconazol ((+)-R 41400) es un agente antifÚngico de imidazol, un inhibidor de CYP3A4. (+)-Ketoconazole  Chemical Structure
  46. GC30424 (-)-Cephaeline dihydrochloride (NSC 32944) El diclorhidrato de (-)-cefaelina (NSC 32944) es un inhibidor selectivo de CYP2D6 con un IC50 de 121 μM. (-)-Cephaeline dihydrochloride (NSC 32944)  Chemical Structure
  47. GC18343 (-)-CP 55,940 (-)-CP 55,940 is a potent and non-selective cannabinoid (CB) receptor agonist with Ki values of 0.5 to 5 and 0.69 to 2.8 nM for CB1 and CB2 receptors, respectively. (-)-CP 55,940  Chemical Structure
  48. GC14049 (-)-Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)


    Un fenol con diversas actividades biológicas.

    (-)-Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)  Chemical Structure
  49. GC45248 (-)-FINO2 (-)-FINO2 es un potente inductor de ferroptosis. (-)-FINO2 inhibe la actividad de GPX4. (-)-FINO2 es un oxidante estable que oxida el hierro ferroso y es estable a diferentes niveles de pH. (-)-FINO2 provoca una peroxidaciÓn lipÍdica generalizada. (-)-FINO2  Chemical Structure
  50. GC14520 (-)-p-Bromotetramisole Oxalate

    (-)-p-Bromotetramisole, L-para-Bromotetramisole

    Inhibidor de la ALP, potente y no específico.

    (-)-p-Bromotetramisole Oxalate  Chemical Structure
  51. GC45252 (-)-Sitagliptin Carbamoyl Glucuronide

    (R)-Sitagliptin Carbamoyl Glucuronide

    (-)-Sitagliptin carbamoyl glucuronide is a minor phase II metabolite of the dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP-4) inhibitor (-)-sitagliptin. (-)-Sitagliptin Carbamoyl Glucuronide  Chemical Structure
  52. GC18622 (2'S)-Nicotine-1-oxide


    (2'S)-Nicotine-1-oxide is a metabolite of nicotine . (2'S)-Nicotine-1-oxide  Chemical Structure
  53. GC41691 (2R)-Glycerol-O-β-D-galactopyranoside


    (2R)-Glicerol-O-β-D-galactopiranÓsido (3-O-β-D-Galactopiranosil-sn-glicerol) es un buen sustrato para los tres componentes del operÓn lac, i. (2R)-Glycerol-O-β-D-galactopyranoside  Chemical Structure
  54. GC49690 (3R,5R)-Rosuvastatin (calcium salt) A potential impurity found in bulk preparations of rosuvastatin (3R,5R)-Rosuvastatin (calcium salt)  Chemical Structure
  55. GC41694 (3S)-hydroxy Quinidine (3S)-hydroxy Quinidine is an active quinidine metabolite. (3S)-hydroxy Quinidine  Chemical Structure
  56. GC60396 (3S,5R)-Fluvastatin sodium (3S,5R)-fluvastatina sÓdica ((3S,5R)-XU 62-320) es el enantiÓmero (3S,5R)de fluvastatina. (3S,5R)-Fluvastatin sodium  Chemical Structure
  57. GC68317 (3S,5R)-Fluvastatin-d6 sodium

    (3S,5R)-XU 62-320 D6

    (3S,5R)-Fluvastatin-d6 sodium  Chemical Structure
  58. GC13751 (3S,5S)-Atorvastatin (sodium salt) negetive control of Atorvastatin, HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor (3S,5S)-Atorvastatin (sodium salt)  Chemical Structure
  59. GC46333 (4′-Hydroxy)phenoxybenzoic Acid A pyrethroid insecticide metabolite (4′-Hydroxy)phenoxybenzoic Acid  Chemical Structure
  60. GC48508 (4-Carboxybutyl-d4)triphenylphosphonium (bromide)

    TPP-d4, 5-Triphenylphosphoniovaleric Acid-d4

    An internal standard for the quantification of (4-carboxybutyl)triphenylphosphonium (4-Carboxybutyl-d4)triphenylphosphonium (bromide)  Chemical Structure
  61. GC41695 (6R,S)-5,6,7,8-Tetrahydrofolic Acid (hydrochloride)

    Tetrahydrofolate, THFA

    (6R,S)-5,6,7,8-Tetrahydrofolic acid (THFA), the reduced form of folic acid, serves as a cofactor in methyltransferase reactions and is the major one-carbon carrier in one carbon metabolism. (6R,S)-5,6,7,8-Tetrahydrofolic Acid (hydrochloride)  Chemical Structure
  62. GC41088 (6S)-Tetrahydrofolic Acid (6S)-Tetrahydrofolic acid is a diastereomer of tetrahydrofolic acid, a reduced form of folic acid that serves as a cofactor in methyltransferase reactions and is the major one-carbon carrier in one carbon metabolism. (6S)-Tetrahydrofolic Acid  Chemical Structure
  63. GC34980 (E)-Ferulic acid El Ácido (E)-ferÚlico es un isÓmero del Ácido ferÚlico, que es un compuesto aromÁtico, abundante en las paredes celulares de las plantas. El Ácido (E)-ferÚlico provoca la fosforilaciÓn de la β-catenina, lo que da como resultado la degradaciÓn proteasomal de la β-catenina y aumenta la expresiÓn del factor proapoptÓtico Bax y disminuye la expresiÓn del factor prosupervivencia survivina. El Ácido (E)-ferÚlico muestra una potente capacidad para eliminar las especies reactivas de oxÍgeno (ROS) e inhibe la peroxidaciÓn lipÍdica. El Ácido (E)-ferÚlico ejerce efectos antiproliferaciÓn y antimigraciÓn en la lÍnea celular de cÁncer de pulmÓn humano H1299. (E)-Ferulic acid  Chemical Structure
  64. GC40286 (E,Z)-2-propyl-2-Pentenoic Acid

    2-propyl-2-Pentenoate, 2-propylpenten-2-oic Acid, 2-ene-VPA

    (E,Z)-2-propyl-2-Pentenoic acid is a bioactive metabolite of valproic acid that exhibits the same profile and potency of anticonvulsant activity in animal models as its parent compound without any observed teratogenicity and hepatotoxicity. (E,Z)-2-propyl-2-Pentenoic Acid  Chemical Structure
  65. GC49189 (E/Z)-4-hydroxy Tamoxifen-d5

    Afimoxifene-d5, 4-OHT-d5

    An internal standard for the quantification of (E/Z)-4-hydroxy tamoxifen (E/Z)-4-hydroxy Tamoxifen-d5  Chemical Structure
  66. GA11210 (H-Cys-OH)2

    (–)-Cystine, NSC 13203

    (H-Cys-OH)2  Chemical Structure
  67. GC34984 (R)-(-)-Rolipram

    (R)-(–)-Rolipram, (R)-Rolipram

    (R)-(-)-Rolipram es el enantiÓmero R de Rolipram. (R)-(-)-Rolipram  Chemical Structure
  68. GC25001 (R)-Avanafil R-Avanafil is a strong competitive inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) with a demonstrated in vitro IC 50 of 5.2 nM. (R)-Avanafil  Chemical Structure
  69. GC40678 (R)-Bromoenol lactone


    La (R)-bromoenol lactona ((R)-BEL) es un inhibidor irreversible, quiral y basado en un mecanismo de la fosfolipasa γ independiente del calcio (iPLA2γ). (R)-Bromoenol lactone  Chemical Structure
  70. GC52290 (R)-HTS-3 An inhibitor of LPCAT3 (R)-HTS-3  Chemical Structure
  71. GC67864 (R)-Irsenontrine


    (R)-Irsenontrine  Chemical Structure
  72. GC41722 (R,S)-Carvedilol Glucuronide (R,S)-Carvedilol glucuronide is a racemic mixture of the carvedilol metabolites (R)-carvedilol glucuronide and (S)-carvedilol glucuronide. (R,S)-Carvedilol Glucuronide  Chemical Structure
  73. GC61548 (Rac)-5-Keto Fluvastatin (Rac)-5-Keto Fluvastatin (3-Hydroxy-5-Keto Fluvastatin) es una impureza de Fluvastatin (XU 62320). (Rac)-5-Keto Fluvastatin  Chemical Structure
  74. GC62743 (Rac)-EC5026


    (Rac)-EC5026 ((Rac)-BPN-19186) es un potente inhibidor de piperidina de la epÓxido hidrolasa soluble (sEH) extraÍdo de la patente WO2019156991A1, pÁgina 39, tiene una Ki de 0,06 nM. (Rac)-EC5026  Chemical Structure
  75. GC69796 (Rac)-Etavopivat


    (Rac)-Etavopivat ((Rac)-FT-4202) es un isómero de Etavopivat. Etavopivat es un activador oralmente activo de la piruvato quinasa-R (PKR) en los glóbulos rojos, que se puede utilizar para investigar la enfermedad de células falciformes y otras enfermedades de hemoglobina.

    (Rac)-Etavopivat  Chemical Structure
  76. GC61750 (Rac)-Indoximod (Rac)-indoximod (1-metil-DL-triptÓfano) es un inhibidor de la indolamina 2,3-dioxigenasa (IDO). (Rac)-Indoximod  Chemical Structure
  77. GC46347 (S)-(+)-Methoprene

    Altosid, d-Methoprene, ZR 2458

    El (S)-metopreno es un análogo de la hormona juvenil que impide que el insecto cambie de pupa a adulto y se usa como insecticida. (S)-(+)-Methoprene  Chemical Structure
  78. GC40679 (S)-Bromoenol lactone


    La (S)-bromoenol lactona ((S)-BEL) es un inhibidor irreversible, quiral, basado en un mecanismo de la fosfolipasa A2β independiente del calcio (iPLA2β) que inhibe la liberaciÓn de araquidonato inducida por vasopresina a partir de mÚsculo liso aÓrtico de rata en cultivo (A10) células con una IC50 de 2 μM. (S)-Bromoenol lactone  Chemical Structure
  79. GC50321 (S)-C33 (S)-C33 es un inhibidor potente y selectivo de la PDE9 (fosfodiesterasa-9), con una IC50 de 11 nM. (S)-C33  Chemical Structure
  80. GC48719 (S)-Canadine

    (–)-Canadine, (S)-Tetrahydroberberine

    La (S)-canadina es un alcaloide e intermedio en la biosÍntesis de la berberina con actividad insecticida. (S)-Canadine  Chemical Structure
  81. GC46352 (S)-DO271 An inactive control for DO264 (S)-DO271  Chemical Structure
  82. GC49520 (S)-Equol

    4',7Dihydroxyisoflavan, (-)Equol, 4',7Isoflavandiol

    Un agonista del receptor de estrógeno β.

    (S)-Equol  Chemical Structure
  83. GC60417 (S)-Indoximod

    NSC 77678, L-1-Methyltryptophan, 1-L-MT, L-1MT

    El (S)-indoximod (1-metil-L-triptÓfano) es un inhibidor de la indolamina 2,3-dioxigenasa (IDO). (S)-Indoximod se puede utilizar para la investigaciÓn del cÁncer. (S)-Indoximod  Chemical Structure
  84. GC69891 (S)-Indoximod-d3

    1-Methyl-L-tryptophan-d3; (S)-NLG-8189-d3

    (S)-Indoximod-d3 es la forma deuterada de (S)-Indoximod. (S)-Indoximod (1-Metil-L-triptófano) es un inhibidor de la enzima indolamina-2,3-dioxigenasa (IDO). (S)-Indoximod se utiliza en investigaciones sobre el cáncer.

    (S)-Indoximod-d3  Chemical Structure
  85. GC40145 (S)-Laudanosine

    (+)-Laudanosine, L-Laudanosine, L-(+)-Laudanosine, NSC 35045

    (S)-Laudanosine is the (S) enantiomer of laudanosine, a metabolite of the neuromuscular blocking agents atracurium and cisatracurium. (S)-Laudanosine  Chemical Structure
  86. GC14486 (S)-Mephenytoin


    (S)-Mephenytoin ((+)-Mephenytoin) es un agente anticonvulsivo. (S)-Mephenytoin  Chemical Structure
  87. GC49179 (S)-O-Desmethyl Naproxen

    (S)-6-Desmethyl Naproxen

    A metabolite of (S)-naproxen (S)-O-Desmethyl Naproxen  Chemical Structure
  88. GC18596 (±)-2-propyl-4-Pentenoic Acid

    2-Allylpentanoic Acid, 4-ene VPA

    El Ácido (±)-2-propil-4-pentenoico (4-en-VPA) es un metabolito tÓxico principal del Ácido valproico. (±)-2-propyl-4-Pentenoic Acid  Chemical Structure
  89. GC49034 1(R)-(Trifluoromethyl)oleyl alcohol An oleic acid analog 1(R)-(Trifluoromethyl)oleyl alcohol  Chemical Structure
  90. GC46365 1,1'-(Azodicarbonyl)dipiperidine

    ADDP, NSC 356027

    A Mitsunobu reagent 1,1'-(Azodicarbonyl)dipiperidine  Chemical Structure
  91. GC41762 1,2,3,5-Tetra-O-acetyl-D-xylofuranose 1,2,3,5-Tetra-O-acetil-D-xilofuranosa es la materia prima para la sÍntesis de nucleÓtidos. 1,2,3,5-Tetra-O-acetyl-D-xylofuranose  Chemical Structure
  92. GC46040 1,2,3-Trielaidoyl-rac-glycerol

    Glycerol Trielaidate, TG(18:1(9E)/18:1(9E)/18:1(9E)), Trielaidin

    A triacylglycerol 1,2,3-Trielaidoyl-rac-glycerol  Chemical Structure
  93. GC45698 1,2,3-Triheptanoyl-rac-glycerol

    Glycerol Triheptanoate, TG(7:0/7:0/7:0), Triheptanoin

    El 1,2,3-triheptanoil-rac-glicerol (propano-1,2,3-triiltriheptanoato) es un triglicérido de cadena media (MCT) sintético que consta de tres Ácidos grasos de cadena impar de 7 carbonos (heptanoato) en un glicerol columna vertebral. 1,2,3-Triheptanoyl-rac-glycerol  Chemical Structure
  94. GC45285 1,2,3-Trihexanoyl-rac-glycerol

    Glycerol trihexanoate, NSC 406885, Tricaproin, Trihexanoin

      1,2,3-Trihexanoyl-rac-glycerol  Chemical Structure
  95. GC45956 1,2,3-Trinonanoyl-rac-glycerol

    Glyceryl Trinonanoate, NSC 5647, Trinonanoin, Tripelargonin

    A triacylglycerol 1,2,3-Trinonanoyl-rac-glycerol  Chemical Structure
  96. GC46009 1,2,3-Trioctanoyl-rac-glycerol-13C3

    Glycerol Trioctanoate-13C3, TG(8:0/8:0/8:0)-13C3, Trioctanoin-13C3

    An internal standard for the quantification of 1,2,3-trioctanoyl glycerol-13C3 1,2,3-Trioctanoyl-rac-glycerol-13C3  Chemical Structure
  97. GC46373 1,2,3-Triundecanoyl Glycerol

    Glycerol Triundecanoate, TG(11:0/11:0/11:0), Triundecanoin, Triundecanoyl Glycerol

    A triacylglycerol 1,2,3-Triundecanoyl Glycerol  Chemical Structure
  98. GC41782 1,2-bis(heptanoylthio) Glycerophosphocholine

    Diheptanoyl ThioPC, 1,2bis(Heptanoylthio)1,2dideoxysnglycero3phosphorylcholine

    Diheptanoyl Thio-PC is a substrate for all phospholipase A2s (PLA2s) with the exception of cPLA2 and PAF-acetyl hydrolase (PAF-AH). 1,2-bis(heptanoylthio) Glycerophosphocholine  Chemical Structure
  99. GC40236 1,2-Dilinoleoyl-sn-glycerol


    1,2-Dilinoleoyl-sn-glycerol is a diacylglycerol (DAG) with linoleic acid (18:2) side chains attached at both the sn-1 and sn-2 positions. 1,2-Dilinoleoyl-sn-glycerol  Chemical Structure
  100. GC41808 1,2-Dioctanoyl PC

    1,2-bis(O-octanoyl)-sn-glyceryl-Phophorylcholine, 1,2-DCPC, 1,2-Dicapryloyl-sn-glycero-3-PC, 1,2-Dioctanoyl Phosphatidylcholine

    Phosphatidylcholine (PC) species are a common class of phospholipids that comprise the mammalian cell membrane.

    1,2-Dioctanoyl PC  Chemical Structure
  101. GC41837 1,3,7-Trimethyluric Acid

    8-oxo Caffeine, NSC 11259

    El Ácido 1,3,7-trimetilÚrico es el metabolito de la cafeÍna. La proporciÓn metabÓlica de Ácido 1,3,7-trimetilÚrico a cafeÍna se puede evaluar como biomarcador para describir la variabilidad en la actividad de CYP3A en una cohorte. 1,3,7-Trimethyluric Acid  Chemical Structure

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