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Tie2 kinase inhibitor (Synonyms: Tunica Interna Endothelial Cell Kinase 2 Inhibitor)

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Tie2 kinase inhibitor (compound 5) is a potent, selective Tie2 kinase inhibitor with an IC50 of 250 nM. Tie2 kinase inhibitor has anti-cancer activity.

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Tie2 kinase inhibitor Chemical Structure

Cas No.: 948557-43-5

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Tie2 kinase inhibitor is a reversible and selective inhibitor of Tie2 with an IC50 of 250 nM [1].

Tie2 kinase inhibitor (2 µM) clearly decreased phosphorylation of AKT in TDEC IR- and in TDEC IR+ (TDEC obtained from irradiated GSC). Tie2 kinase inhibitor (2 µM) induced a significant decrease in the number of CD31+ TDEC obtained from non-irradiated SRA5 and SRB1 GSC, but not from non-irradiated SRC3 GSC [2]. Treatment with Tie2 kinase inhibitor (0-3 µg/ml) resulted in significant reduction of both invadopodia and colony formation in fibrin-fibronectin embedded B16F1 cells [3]. ​SRSF1-WT transfected cells showed more sensitivity to Tie2 kinase inhibition, and SRSF1-Y19F cells showed resistant to the Tie2 kinase inhibitor compared to the empty vector-transfected cells. Tie2 kinase inhibitor showed more intensive effect on the colony-forming properties of SRSF1-WT cells [4]. Tie2 kinase inhibitor(5 µM)treatment decreased P-Akt of primary rat PitNET cells [5].

After subcutaneous implantation of the plugs containing the cells, mice were injected twice daily with the vehicle or the Tie2 kinase inhibitor for 14 days, plugs with TDEC IR+ with Tie2 kinase inhibitor had significantly fewer functional blood vessels than plugs with TDEC IR+ control. The number of hCD31+ vessels was also lower in plugs with TDEC IR+ with Tie2 kinase inhibitor compared to plugs with TDEC IR+ control [2].

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[5]. Karabid N M, Wiedemann T, Gulde S, et al. Angpt2/Tie2 autostimulatory loop controls tumorigenesis[J]. EMBO molecular medicine, 2022, 14(5): e14364.


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