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    3X FLAG Peptide
  1. Cat.No. Nombre del producto Información
  2. GC26467 Age I

    Age I is a fast restriction endonuclease that has been genetically engineered and is suitable for rapid digestion of plasmid DNA, PCR products, or genomic DNA. The synlyases of Age I include AsiG I, CspA I,BshT I,PinA I。

    Age I
  3. GC26466 Notoginsenoside R4 Notoginsenoside R4
  4. GC26465 AF 488 azide

    AF 488 is a fluorescent dye. AF 488 is a fluorescent group that is insensitive to pH values within a wide pH range (4 to 10).

    AF 488 azide
  5. GC26464 Silwet L-77

    The active ingredient of Silwet L-77 is polydimethylsiloxane modified with cyclic ether; Polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene copolymer.

    Silwet L-77
  6. GC26463 REDV TFA

    REDV TFA is the minimum active sequence within the CS5 site of the type III linker (IIICS) region of fibronectin alternative splicing.

  7. GC26461 2-Benzofuranacetic acid 2-Benzofuranacetic acid
  8. GC26460 Corticotropin Releasing Factor sheep Corticotropin Releasing Factor sheep
  9. GC26459 Agarase

    Agarase is a biochemical reagent that can be used as a biomaterial or organic compound for life science related research.

  10. GC26458 2-Hydrazinopyrimidine 2-Hydrazinopyrimidine
  11. GC26457 2-Hydrazinyl-5-methylpyridine 2-Hydrazinyl-5-methylpyridine


  1. Cat.No. Nombre del producto Información
  2. GC19889 Bovine Serum Albumin (Fatty acid Free)

    Bovine Serum Albumin (Fatty acid Free)
  3. GD21109 4-Sulfo-1,8-naphthalic Anhydride Potassium Salt 4-Sulfo-1,8-naphthalic Anhydride Potassium Salt
  4. GC39573 NUCC-390 dihydrochloride El diclorhidrato de NUCC-390 es un agonista del receptor CXCR4 de molécula pequeÑa novedoso y selectivo. NUCC-390 dihydrochloride
  5. GC34893 CORM-401 CORM-401 contains manganese (Mn) as a metal center, CORM-401 can release CO. CORM-401
  6. GB60864 Scopolamine Methyl Nitrate Scopolamine Methyl Nitrate
  7. GC19650 1,4-Butanediol 1,4-Butanediol
  8. GC34992 (R)-Pantetheine La (R)-panteteÍna es el precursor biosintético de la CoA. (R)-Pantetheine
  9. GC26230 Ammonium persulfate

    Catalyst for acrylamide gel polymerization.

    Ammonium persulfate
  10. GC26289 Anti-Mouse PD-1 Antibody (RMP1-14)

    Anti-Mouse PD-1 Antibody is an anti-mouse PD-1 IgG1 antibody inhibitor.

    Anti-Mouse PD-1 Antibody (RMP1-14)
  11. GC35750 CRT0066101 dihydrochloride El diclorhidrato de CRT0066101 es un inhibidor de PKD potente y especÍfico con valores IC50 de 1, 2,5 y 2 nM para PKD1, 2 y 3 respectivamente. CRT0066101 dihydrochloride