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  2. GC18580 B355252 B355252  Chemical Structure
  3. GC39481 BL-918 BL-918  Chemical Structure
  4. GC43022 C14 Ceramide (d18:1/14:0)

    C14 Ceramide is an endogenous ceramide generated by ceramide synthase 6.

    C14 Ceramide (d18:1/14:0)  Chemical Structure
  5. GC49573 C3 An inhibitor of MAO-B C3  Chemical Structure
  6. GC43188 CAY10680 CAY10680 is a dopamine-sparing, benzothiazinone compound that selectively inhibits both MAO-B activity (IC50 = 34.9 nM in human) and adenosine A2A receptors (Ki = 39.5 nM in human). CAY10680  Chemical Structure
  7. GC40834 cis-Entacapone cis-Entacapone is a metabolite of the catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) inhibitor entacapone. cis-Entacapone  Chemical Structure
  8. GC43274 Citromycetin Citromycetin is a fungal metabolite originally isolated from P. Citromycetin  Chemical Structure
  9. GC40616 Des-4-fluorobenzyl Mosapride Des-4-fluorobenzyl Mosapride is the primary metabolite of mosapride. Des-4-fluorobenzyl Mosapride  Chemical Structure
  10. GC18517 Diapocynin Diapocynin is the dimeric form of the NADPH oxidase inhibitor apocynin that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities. Diapocynin  Chemical Structure
  11. GC40945 DOPAL

    DOPAL is an aldehyde product of the oxidative deamination of dopamine by monoamine oxidase.

    DOPAL  Chemical Structure
  12. GC49497 Dopamine-d4 (hydrochloride) An internal standard for the quantification of dopamine Dopamine-d4 (hydrochloride)  Chemical Structure
  13. GC40078 Memantine-d6 (hydrochloride) Memantine-d6 is intended for use as an internal standard for the quantification of memantine by GC- or LC-MS. Memantine-d6 (hydrochloride)  Chemical Structure
  14. GC44270 N-(α-Linolenoyl) Tyrosine Certain chronic neurologic disorders, such as Parkinson's disease, are caused by an insufficiency of the neurotransmitter dopamine secondary to the degeneration of substantia nigra dopaminergic neurons. N-(α-Linolenoyl) Tyrosine  Chemical Structure
  15. GC44335 NCGC607 NCGC607 is a salicylic acid derivative and small molecule glucocerebrosidase (GCase) chaperone. NCGC607  Chemical Structure
  16. GC44387 Neurotensin (trifluoroacetate salt) Neurotensin is a neuropeptide that is distributed throughout the CNS and in enteroendocrine cells of the small intestine that has diverse biological activities. Neurotensin (trifluoroacetate salt)  Chemical Structure
  17. GC44556 PAQ PAQ is a neuroprotective agent. PAQ  Chemical Structure
  18. GC46213 Ro 41-0960 Ro 41-0960  Chemical Structure
  19. GC50199 Ropinirole - d7 Deuterated ropinirole Ropinirole - d7  Chemical Structure
  20. GC45763 Tolcapone-d4 Tolcapone-d4  Chemical Structure
  21. GC45802 Zonisamide-13C2,15N Zonisamide-13C2,15N  Chemical Structure

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