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  2. GC66088 α-Helical CRF(9-41) TFA α-Helical CRF(9-41) TFA is a competitive CRF2 receptor antagonist with KB of ~100 nM. α-Helical CRF(9-41) TFA is also a partial agonist of CRF1 receptor with an EC50 of 140 nM. α-Helical CRF(9-41) TFA  Chemical Structure
  3. GC64563 α-Methylserotonin α-Methylserotonin  Chemical Structure
  4. GC38007 β-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH), human TFA β-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH), human TFA  Chemical Structure
  5. GC37983 β3-AR agonist 1 β3-AR agonist 1 (compound 15) is a highly potent, selective, and orally available β3-adrenergic receptor (β3-AR) agonist (EC50=18 nM), being inactive to β1-, β2-, and α1A-AR (β1/β3, β2/β3, and α1A/β3>556-fold). β3-AR agonist 1  Chemical Structure
  6. GC40105 βARK1 Inhibitor βARK1 Inhibitor (methyl 5-[2-(5-nitro-2-furyl)vinyl]-2-furoate) is a GRK2 (β-ARK1) inhibitor. βARK1 Inhibitor  Chemical Structure
  7. GC61462 γ-1-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH), amide γ-1-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH), amide  Chemical Structure
  8. GC17002 γ1-MSH γ1-MSH is a melanocortin MC3 receptor agonist, with a Ki of 34 nM for the rat MC3 receptor. γ1-MSH  Chemical Structure
  9. GC62708 σ1 Receptor antagonist-1 σ1 Receptor antagonist-1 is a highly potent and selective sigma 1 receptor antagonist (pKi=10.28). σ1 Receptor antagonist-1  Chemical Structure
  10. GC15519 α-CGRP (human)

    Endogenous calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor (CGRP) agonist

    α-CGRP (human)  Chemical Structure
  11. GC11346 α-helical CRF 9-41 Antagonist of corticotropin releasing factor receptor α-helical CRF 9-41  Chemical Structure
  12. GC11577 α-Methyl-5-hydroxytryptamine maleate 5-HT2B receptor agonist α-Methyl-5-hydroxytryptamine maleate  Chemical Structure
  13. GC31237 α1 adrenoceptor-MO-1 α1 adrenoceptor-MO-1, an S enantiomer, has affinity at alpha 1 adrenergic receptor, shows alphalytic activity, and possesses analgesic action; more active than R enantiomer. α1 adrenoceptor-MO-1  Chemical Structure
  14. GC33693 β-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH), human (Beta-MSH (1-22) (human)) β-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH), human (Beta-MSH (1-22) (human)), a 22-residue peptide, acts as an endogenous melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4-R) agonist. β-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH), human (Beta-MSH (1-22) (human))  Chemical Structure
  15. GC31573 β3-AR agonist 2 β3-AR agonist 2 is a potent and selective β3-adrenergic receptor (β3-AR) agonist with an EC50 of 8 nM. β3-AR agonist 2  Chemical Structure
  16. GC34231 γ-1-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH), amide γ-1-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH), amide  Chemical Structure
  17. GC17413 (±)-5'-Chloro-5'-deoxy-ENBA adenosine A1 receptor agonist, selective and high-affinity (±)-5'-Chloro-5'-deoxy-ENBA  Chemical Structure
  18. GC17408 (±)-AC 7954 hydrochloride urotensin-II (UT) receptor agonist (±)-AC 7954 hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  19. GC15045 (±)-AMG 487 CXCR3 antagonist (±)-AMG 487  Chemical Structure
  20. GC41668 (±)-Clopidogrel (hydrochloride) Clopidogrel is an antithrombic compound whose active metabolite is a selective, irreversible antagonist of the platelet purinergic P2Y12 receptor (IC50 = 100 nM). (±)-Clopidogrel (hydrochloride)  Chemical Structure
  21. GC16838 (±)-Cloprostenol sodium salt

    prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α) analog,FP receptor agonist

    (±)-Cloprostenol sodium salt  Chemical Structure
  22. GC46283 (±)-Clorprenaline-d7 A neuropeptide with diverse biological activities (±)-Clorprenaline-d7  Chemical Structure
  23. GC18090 (±)-J 113397 NOP receptor antagonist (±)-J 113397  Chemical Structure
  24. GC62727 (±)-Penbutolol-d9 hydrochloride (±)-Penbutolol-d9 ((Rac)-Penbutolol-d9) hydrochloride is a deuterium labeled (±)-Penbutolol hydrochloride. (±)-Penbutolol-d9 hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  25. GC15144 (±)-PPCC oxalate sigma (σ) receptor ligand (±)-PPCC oxalate  Chemical Structure
  26. GC10907 (±)-SLV 319 (±)-SLV 319 ((±)-SLV319) is the racemate of SLV319. (±)-SLV 319  Chemical Structure
  27. GC12394 (±)-trans-ACPD

    metabotropic glutamate receptors agonist

    (±)-trans-ACPD  Chemical Structure
  28. GC67681 (αR,8aS)-GSK1614343 (αR,8aS)-GSK1614343  Chemical Structure
  29. GC32523 (±)-Befunolol (±)-Befunolol is a β-adrenoceptor blocking agent. (±)-Befunolol  Chemical Structure
  30. GC34957 (+)-Cevimeline hydrochloride hemihydrate (+)-Cevimeline hydrochloride hemihydrate ((+)-SNI-2011), a potent muscarinic receptor agonist, is a candidate therapeutic drug for xerostomia in Sjogren's syndrome. (+)-Cevimeline hydrochloride hemihydrate  Chemical Structure
  31. GC30743 (+)-Cloprostenol (D-Cloprostenol) (+)-Cloprostenol (D-Cloprostenol) is a prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α) analogue, and shows selective agonistic activity at the prostaglandin receptor. (+)-Cloprostenol (D-Cloprostenol)  Chemical Structure
  32. GC45259 (+)-Cloprostenol (sodium salt) (+)-Cloprostenol (sodium salt) is a more water soluble, crystalline form of (+)-cloprostenol. (+)-Cloprostenol (sodium salt)  Chemical Structure
  33. GC12750 (+)-Fluprostenol Prostaglandin F2α (FP) receptor agonist (+)-Fluprostenol  Chemical Structure
  34. GC18146 (+)-Igmesine hydrochloride σ1 receptor ligand (+)-Igmesine hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  35. GC68210 (+)-Norfenfluramine (+)-Norfenfluramine  Chemical Structure
  36. GC31597 (+)-Penbutolol ((R)-Penbutolol) (+)-Penbutolol ((R)-Penbutolol) is a β-adrenoceptor antagonist, with an IC50 of 0.74 μM. (+)-Penbutolol ((R)-Penbutolol)  Chemical Structure
  37. GC17301 (+)-SK&F 10047 hydrochloride prototypical σ1 receptor agonist (+)-SK&F 10047 hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  38. GC10675 (+,-)-Octopamine HCl Octopamine ((±)-p-Octopamine) hydrochloride, a biogenic monoamine structurally related to noradrenaline, acts as a neurohormone, a neuromodulator and a neurotransmitter in invertebrates. (+,-)-Octopamine HCl  Chemical Structure
  39. GC50245 (+/-)-ADX 71743 Negative allosteric modulator of mGlu7 receptors; brain penetrant (+/-)-ADX 71743  Chemical Structure
  40. GC50048 (+/-)-PPCC oxalate Selective sigma (σ) agonist (σ1> σ2) (+/-)-PPCC oxalate  Chemical Structure
  41. GC61646 (-)-Camphoric acid (-)-Camphoric acid  Chemical Structure
  42. GC16919 (1R,1'S,3'R/1R,1'R,3'S)-L-054,264 somatostatin sst2 receptor agonist (1R,1'S,3'R/1R,1'R,3'S)-L-054,264  Chemical Structure
  43. GC34963 (1R,2S)-VU0155041 (1R,2S)-VU0155041, Cis regioisomer of VU0155041, is a partial mGluR4 agonist with an EC50 of 2.35 μM. (1R,2S)-VU0155041  Chemical Structure
  44. GC34965 (20S)-Protopanaxatriol An active ginsenoside metabolite (20S)-Protopanaxatriol  Chemical Structure
  45. GC38712 (2R,3R)-E1R (2R,3R)-E1R (Compound 2b) is an enantiomer of E1R. (2R,3R)-E1R  Chemical Structure
  46. GC38713 (2R,3S)-E1R (2R,3S)-E1R (Compound 2c) is an enantiomer of E1R. (2R,3S)-E1R  Chemical Structure
  47. GC38714 (2S,3S)-E1R (2S,3S)-E1R (Compound 2d) is an enantiomer of E1R. (2S,3S)-E1R  Chemical Structure
  48. GC32644 (4E)-SUN9221 (4E)-SUN9221 is a potent antagonist of α1-adrenergic receptor and 5-HT2 receptor, with antihypertensive and anti-platelet aggregation activities. (4E)-SUN9221  Chemical Structure
  49. GA20063 (D-Ala²)-Gastric Inhibitory Polypeptide (human) GIP receptor agonist. (D-Ala²)-Gastric Inhibitory Polypeptide (human)  Chemical Structure
  50. GA20084 (Deamino-Cys¹,β-cyclohexyl-Ala⁴,Arg⁸)-Vasopressin Studies revealed that this specific vasopressin agonist exhibited a nanomolar affinity for V-1b receptors from various mammalian species (bovine, human, rat). It exhibited high V-1b/V-1a and V-1b/oxytocin selectivity for rat, human, and bovine receptors. Furthermore, it showed a high V-1b/V-2 specificity for both bovine and human vasopressin receptors. Therefore, d(Cha?)-AVP is a promising tool for research of V-1b receptor structure-function relationships. (Deamino-Cys¹,β-cyclohexyl-Ala⁴,Arg⁸)-Vasopressin  Chemical Structure
  51. GC64657 (E/Z)-ZINC09659342 (E/Z)-ZINC09659342 is an inhibitor of Lbc-RhoA interaction. (E/Z)-ZINC09659342  Chemical Structure
  52. GA20195 (Gly¹,Ser³·²²,Gln⁴·³⁴,Thr⁶,Arg¹⁹,Tyr²¹,Ala²³·³¹,Aib³²)-Pancreatic Polypeptide (human) (Gly¹,Ser³.²²,Gln⁴.³⁴,Thr⁶,Arg¹⁹,Tyr²¹,Ala²³.³¹,Aib³²)-Pancreatic Polypeptide (human) is a potent and selective neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor agonist with an IC50 of 0.24 nM for binding to the hY5 receptor. (Gly¹,Ser³·²²,Gln⁴·³⁴,Thr⁶,Arg¹⁹,Tyr²¹,Ala²³·³¹,Aib³²)-Pancreatic Polypeptide (human)  Chemical Structure
  53. GA20221 (Hyp³)-Bradykinin (Hyp³)-Bradykinin, naturally occurring peptide hormone, is a bradykinin receptor agonist. (Hyp³)-Bradykinin  Chemical Structure
  54. GA20229 (Leu³¹,Pro³⁴)-Neuropeptide Y (human, rat) (Leu³¹,Pro³⁴)-Neuropeptide Y (human, rat) is a specific neuropeptide Y Y1 receptor agonist. (Leu³¹,Pro³⁴)-Neuropeptide Y (human, rat)  Chemical Structure
  55. GC11952 (R)-(+)-Atenolol less active enantiomer of the racemic β1-adrenergic receptor antagonist, (R,S)-atenolol. (R)-(+)-Atenolol  Chemical Structure
  56. GC11937 (R)-(+)-m-Nitrobiphenyline oxalate α2C-AR (adrenoceptor) agonist (R)-(+)-m-Nitrobiphenyline oxalate  Chemical Structure
  57. GC10608 (R)-(+)-Propranolol hydrochloride

    β-adrenoceptor antagonist

    (R)-(+)-Propranolol hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  58. GC11219 (R)-(+)-Tolterodine (R)-(+)-Tolterodine(PNU-200583) is a potent muscarinic receptor antagonists that show selectivity for the urinary bladder over salivary glands in vivo. (R)-(+)-Tolterodine  Chemical Structure
  59. GC12144 (R)-(-)-Niguldipine hydrochloride L-type Ca2+ channel blocker and α1A-adrenoceptor antagonist (R)-(-)-Niguldipine hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  60. GC34985 (R)-ADX-47273 (R)-ADX-47273 is a potent mGluR5 positive allosteric modulator, with an EC50 of 168 nM for potentiation . (R)-ADX-47273  Chemical Structure
  61. GC60001 (R)-Carvedilol (R)-Carvedilol ((R)-BM 14190), the R-enantiomer of Carvedilol, is a non-selective β/α-1 blocker. (R)-Carvedilol  Chemical Structure
  62. GC69805 (R)-Casopitant

    (R)-Casopitant ((R)-GW679769) is an isomer of Casopitant. Casopitant is an NK(1) receptor antagonist that can be used in the research of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

    (R)-Casopitant  Chemical Structure
  63. GC67937 (R)-Mirtazapine (R)-Mirtazapine  Chemical Structure
  64. GC10028 (R)-SLV 319 CB1 receptor antagonist (R)-SLV 319  Chemical Structure
  65. GC39298 (R)-Terazosin (R)-Terazosin is an active R-enantiomer of Terazosin. (R)-Terazosin  Chemical Structure
  66. GC50426 (R)-ZINC 3573 MRGPRX2 agonist (R)-ZINC 3573  Chemical Structure
  67. GC62588 (R,R)-CXCR2-IN-2 (R,R)-CXCR2-IN-2, diastereoisomer of CXCR2-IN-2 (compound 68), is a brain penetrant CXCR2 antagonist with a pIC50 of 9 and 6.8 in the Tango assay and d in the HWB Gro-α induced CD11b expression assay, respectively. (R,R)-CXCR2-IN-2  Chemical Structure
  68. GC14145 (R,R)-Formoterol β2-selective adrenergic agonist (R,R)-Formoterol  Chemical Structure
  69. GC34995 (R,R)-Palonosetron Hydrochloride (R,R)-Palonosetron Hydrochloride is the active enantiomer of Palonosetron. (R,R)-Palonosetron Hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  70. GC12823 (R,S)-Atenolol (R,S)-Atenolol ((RS)-(R,S)-Atenolol) is a cardioselective β1-adrenergic receptor blocker, with a Ki of 697 nM atβ1-adrenoceptor in guine pig left ventricle membrane. (R,S)-Atenolol  Chemical Structure
  71. GC63452 (Rac)-5-Hydroxymethyl Tolterodine (Rac)-5-Hydroxymethyl Tolterodine ((Rac)-Desfesoterodine), an active metabolite of Tolterodine, is a mAChR antagonist (Ki values of 2.3 nM, 2 nM, 2.5 nM, 2.8 nM, and 2.9 nM for M1, M2, M3, M4, and M5 receptors, respectively). (Rac)-5-Hydroxymethyl Tolterodine  Chemical Structure
  72. GC19541 (rac)-Antineoplaston A10

    (rac)-Antineoplaston A10 is the racemate of Antineoplaston A10

    (rac)-Antineoplaston A10  Chemical Structure
  73. GC64481 (rac)-Dobutamine-d4 hydrochloride (rac)-Dobutamine-d4 hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  74. GC62642 (rac)-Dobutamine-d6 hydrochloride (rac)-Dobutamine-d6 hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  75. GC38721 (Rac)-E1R (Rac)-E1R (Compound 2) is the racemate of E1R. (Rac)-E1R  Chemical Structure
  76. GC63410 (Rac)-MRI-1867 (Rac)-MRI-1867 ((Rac)-MRI-1867, compound 6b) is a cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1R)/iNOS antagonist, with a Ki of 5.7 nM for CB1R. (Rac)-MRI-1867  Chemical Structure
  77. GC62228 (rac)-Nebivolol-d4 (Rac)-Nebivolol-d4 ((Rac)-R 065824-d4) is a labelled racemic Nebivolol. (rac)-Nebivolol-d4  Chemical Structure
  78. GC64905 (Rac)-Upacicalcet (Rac)-Upacicalcet is the racemate of Upacicalcet. (Rac)-Upacicalcet  Chemical Structure
  79. GC34367 (RS)-Butyryltimolol (RS)-Butyryltimolol is the racemate of Butyryltimolol. (RS)-Butyryltimolol  Chemical Structure
  80. GC12279 (RS)-MCPG mGluR antagonist (RS)-MCPG  Chemical Structure
  81. GC15292 (S)-(+)-Niguldipine hydrochloride L-type Ca2+ channel blocker and α1A-adrenoceptor antagonist (S)-(+)-Niguldipine hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  82. GC12463 (S)-(-)-Atenolol

    β-adrenergic blocker

    (S)-(-)-Atenolol  Chemical Structure
  83. GC15039 (S)-(-)-Pindolol beta-adrenergic antagonist (S)-(-)-Pindolol  Chemical Structure
  84. GC16637 (S)-(-)-Propranolol hydrochloride β-adrenoceptor antagonist (S)-(-)-Propranolol hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  85. GC60006 (S)-Carvedilol (S)-Carvedilol, the S-enantiomer of Carvedilol, is a non-selective β/α-1 blocker. (S)-Carvedilol  Chemical Structure
  86. GC69904 (S)-JDQ-443

    (S)-JDQ-443 is an isomer of JDQ-443. JDQ-443 is an orally effective and selective covalent KRAS G12C inhibitor. JDQ-443 has anti-tumor activity.

    (S)-JDQ-443  Chemical Structure
  87. GC35002 (S)-Mapracorat (S)-Mapracorat is a selective and less active glucocorticoid receptor agonist. (S)-Mapracorat  Chemical Structure
  88. GC16349 (S)-MCPG mGluR antagonist (S)-MCPG  Chemical Structure
  89. GC67989 (S)-Mirtazapine (S)-Mirtazapine  Chemical Structure
  90. GC68410 (S)-Mirtazapine-d3 (S)-Mirtazapine-d3  Chemical Structure
  91. GC69941 (S)-Renzapride

    (S)-Renzapride ((S)-BRL 24924) is an isomer of Renzapride. Renzapride is a 5-HT4 receptor agonist with a Ki value of 115 nM. It also acts as an antagonist for the 5HT2b and 5HT3 receptors. Renzapride can be used in research on constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (C-IBS).

    (S)-Renzapride  Chemical Structure
  92. GC10753 (S)-SLV 319 (S)-SLV 319 (SLV319) is a potent, selective and orally active antagonist of cannabinoid CB1 receptor, with a Ki of 7.8 nM. (S)-SLV 319  Chemical Structure
  93. GC39249 (S)-Terazosin (S)-Terazosin is an active S-enantiomer of Terazosin. (S)-Terazosin  Chemical Structure
  94. GC69977 (S)-Veliflapon

    (S)-Veliflapon ((S)-BAY X 1005) is an orally active leukotriene biosynthesis and 5-lipoxygenase activating protein (FLAP) inhibitor. It inhibits the formation of leukotriene B4 (LTB4) in rat, mouse, and human white blood cells with IC50 values of 0.026 μM, 0.039 μM, and 0.22 μM respectively. (S)-Veliflapon exhibits enantioselectivity in human whole blood.

    (S)-Veliflapon  Chemical Structure
  95. GC60425 (S)-Verapamil D7 hydrochloride (S)-Verapamil D7 hydrochloride ((S)-(-)-Verapamil D7 hydrochloride) is a deuterium labeled (S)-Verapamil hydrochloride. (S)-Verapamil hydrochloride (S(-)-Verapamil hydrochloride) inhibits leukotriene C4 (LTC4) and calcein transport by MRP1. (S)-Verapamil hydrochloride leads to the death of potentially resistant tumor cells. (S)-Verapamil D7 hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  96. GC60008 (S)-Verapamil hydrochloride (S)-Verapamil hydrochloride (S(-)-Verapamil hydrochloride) inhibits leukotriene C4 (LTC4) and calcein transport by MRP1. (S)-Verapamil hydrochloride leads to the death of potentially resistant tumor cells. (S)-Verapamil hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  97. GA20291 (Sar¹)-Angiotensin II (Sar¹)-Angiotensin II, an analogue of Angiotensin II, is a specific agonist of angiotensin AT1 receptor. (Sar¹)-Angiotensin II  Chemical Structure
  98. GC35011 (Z)-Thiothixene (Z)-Thiothixene is an antagonist of serotonergic receptor extracted from patent US 20150141345 A1. (Z)-Thiothixene  Chemical Structure
  99. GC16663 (±)-4-hydroxy Propranolol (hydrochloride) β1- and β2-adrenergic receptors inhibitor (±)-4-hydroxy Propranolol (hydrochloride)  Chemical Structure
  100. GC15087 (±)-Talinolol β1-selective adrenoceptor antagonist (±)-Talinolol  Chemical Structure
  101. GC15528 (±)trans-2,5-bis-(3,4,5-Trimethoxyphenyl)-1,3-dioxolane PAF receptor antagonist (±)trans-2,5-bis-(3,4,5-Trimethoxyphenyl)-1,3-dioxolane  Chemical Structure

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