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Membrane Transporter/Ion Channel

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. GN10812 Acacetin Acacetin  Chemical Structure
  3. GN10809 Tanshinone IIA sulfonate sodium Tanshinone IIA sulfonate sodium  Chemical Structure
  4. GN10805 Protopanaxdiol Protopanaxdiol  Chemical Structure
  5. GN10799 Ginsenoside Rg3 Ginsenoside Rg3  Chemical Structure
  6. GN10792 Caffeic acid Caffeic acid  Chemical Structure
  7. GN10791 Catharanthine Catharanthine  Chemical Structure
  8. GN10779 Reserpine Reserpine  Chemical Structure
  9. GN10747 Lannaconitine Lannaconitine  Chemical Structure
  10. GN10715 Catharanthine Tartrate Catharanthine Tartrate  Chemical Structure
  11. GN10612 (+)- Praeruptorin C (+)- Praeruptorin C  Chemical Structure
  12. GN10549 Ginsenoside Rd Ginsenoside Rd  Chemical Structure
  13. GN10517 Ginsenoside Rf Ginsenoside Rf  Chemical Structure
  14. GN10446 Tetrandrine Tetrandrine  Chemical Structure
  15. GN10445 (-)-pareruptorin A (-)-pareruptorin A  Chemical Structure
  16. GN10437 Imperatorin Imperatorin  Chemical Structure
  17. GN10365 Bufalin Bufalin  Chemical Structure
  18. GN10311 N-Methylcytisine N-Methylcytisine  Chemical Structure
  19. GN10267 Loureirin B Loureirin B  Chemical Structure
  20. GN10216 Shikonin Shikonin  Chemical Structure
  21. GN10156 Ginsenoside Rb1 Ginsenoside Rb1  Chemical Structure
  22. GN10144 Oleandrin Oleandrin  Chemical Structure
  23. GN10126 Cytisine Cytisine  Chemical Structure
  24. GN10122 Linalool Linalool  Chemical Structure
  25. GN10069 Ginsenoside Ro Ginsenoside Ro  Chemical Structure
  26. GN10029 Phloridzin Phloridzin  Chemical Structure
  27. GN10020 Piperine Piperine  Chemical Structure
  28. GA11306 H-D-Ser-OH An NMDA co-agonist H-D-Ser-OH  Chemical Structure
  29. GA10299 H-Phe-OH H-Phe-OH  Chemical Structure
  30. GA10922 H-Gly-OH H-Gly-OH  Chemical Structure
  31. GA10750 H-Glu-OH H-Glu-OH  Chemical Structure
  32. GA11338 H-D-Asp-OH An amino acid and a precursor in NMDA biosynthesis H-D-Asp-OH  Chemical Structure
  33. GC16672 Zosuquidar A modulator of P-gp Zosuquidar  Chemical Structure
  34. GC10038 Vernakalant Hydrochloride Vernakalant Hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  35. GC16677 Valspodar A multidrug-resistance modulator Valspodar  Chemical Structure
  36. GC11865 UK-5099 An inhibitor of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier UK-5099  Chemical Structure
  37. GC10415 Tezampanel AMPA receptor antagonist Tezampanel  Chemical Structure
  38. GC10928 Tariquidar methanesulfonate, hydrate A P-glycoprotein inhibitor Tariquidar methanesulfonate, hydrate  Chemical Structure
  39. GC11517 SEA0400 A selective inhibitor of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger SEA0400  Chemical Structure
  40. GC18118 SDZ 220-581 SDZ 220-581  Chemical Structure
  41. GC13016 Safinamide Safinamide  Chemical Structure
  42. GC10615 S0859 A selective sodium/bicarbonate cotransporter blocker S0859  Chemical Structure
  43. GC12102 RJR-2403 oxalate RJR-2403 oxalate  Chemical Structure
  44. GC12029 Perampanel AMPA-type glutamate receptor antagonist Perampanel  Chemical Structure
  45. GC12528 NS309 A Ca2+-activated IK/SK potassium channel activator NS309  Chemical Structure
  46. GC10270 Noopept An Analytical Reference Standard Noopept  Chemical Structure
  47. GC14417 NNC 55-0396 A selective T-type calcium channel inhibitor NNC 55-0396  Chemical Structure
  48. GC11411 ML-7 hydrochloride A smooth muscle myosin light chain kinase inhibitor ML-7 hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  49. GC10218 Mibefradil dihydrochloride A general calcium channel blocker Mibefradil dihydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  50. GC12268 Mibefradil A general calcium channel blocker Mibefradil  Chemical Structure
  51. GC12045 LY 303511 An inhibitor of cell proliferation LY 303511  Chemical Structure
  52. GC15440 Lesinurad A URAT1 inhibitor Lesinurad  Chemical Structure
  53. GC16981 KN-92 phosphate KN-92 phosphate  Chemical Structure
  54. GC15988 KN-92 hydrochloride An inactive control compound for a CaMKII inhibitor KN-92 hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  55. GC15684 KB-R7943 mesylate An inhibitor of the reverse Na+/Ca2+ exchanger KB-R7943 mesylate  Chemical Structure
  56. GC13316 Ivacaftor hydrate A CFTR potentiator Ivacaftor hydrate  Chemical Structure
  57. GC12489 Ivacaftor benzenesulfonate A CFTR potentiator Ivacaftor benzenesulfonate  Chemical Structure
  58. GC17786 Istaroxime hydrochloride Istaroxime hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  59. GC11448 Istaroxime Istaroxime  Chemical Structure
  60. GC15823 Flecainide acetate An inhibitor of cardiac late sodium current Flecainide acetate  Chemical Structure
  61. GC11091 EVP-6124 hydrochloride A partial agonist of α7 subunit-containing nAChRs EVP-6124 hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  62. GC15941 EVP-6124 A partial agonist of α7 subunit-containing nAChRs EVP-6124  Chemical Structure
  63. GC13022 Esomeprazole Magnesium trihydrate An H+/K+-ATPase inhibitor Esomeprazole Magnesium trihydrate  Chemical Structure
  64. GC17163 Elacridar hydrochloride An inhibitor of MRP-1 and BCRP Elacridar hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  65. GC17215 Elacridar An inhibitor of MRP-1 and BCRP Elacridar  Chemical Structure
  66. GC17918 Capsazepine A TRPV1 antagonist Capsazepine  Chemical Structure
  67. GC14065 Capsaicin A terpene alkaloid with diverse biological activities Capsaicin  Chemical Structure
  68. GC10206 Bitopertin An inhibitor of GlyT1 Bitopertin  Chemical Structure
  69. GC10680 AR-C155858 An inhibitor of MCT1 and 2 AR-C155858  Chemical Structure
  70. GC13164 Ampalex An AMPA receptor modulator Ampalex  Chemical Structure
  71. GC15014 A-867744 A positive allosteric modulator of α7 nAChRs A-867744  Chemical Structure
  72. GC11842 A-740003 A selective P2X7 antagonist A-740003  Chemical Structure
  73. GC17710 A-317491 A P2X3 and P2X2/3 receptor antagonist A-317491  Chemical Structure
  74. GC13733 A 438079 hydrochloride An antagonist of the nucleotide receptor P2X7 A 438079 hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  75. GC17212 A 438079 An antagonist of the nucleotide receptor P2X7 A 438079  Chemical Structure
  76. GC16616 (+)-MK 801 (+)-MK 801  Chemical Structure
  77. GC16149 Topiramate An anticonvulsant Topiramate  Chemical Structure
  78. GC16444 Rosiglitazone A PPARγ agonist Rosiglitazone  Chemical Structure
  79. GC11318 Rosiglitazone maleate A PPARγ agonist Rosiglitazone maleate  Chemical Structure
  80. GC15570 Tariquidar A P-glycoprotein inhibitor Tariquidar  Chemical Structure
  81. GC10240 Atazanavir sulfate (BMS-232632-05) An inhibitor of HIV-1 protease Atazanavir sulfate (BMS-232632-05)  Chemical Structure
  82. GC12945 Atazanavir An inhibitor of HIV-1 protease Atazanavir  Chemical Structure
  83. GC14202 KN-62 Inhibitor of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent kinase type II KN-62  Chemical Structure
  84. GC11058 Scrambled 10Panx

    Panx-1 mimetic inhibitory peptide, blocks pannexin-1 gap junctions

    Scrambled 10Panx  Chemical Structure
  85. GC13863 10Panx A peptide inhibitor of PANX1 10Panx  Chemical Structure
  86. GC26033 Veratrine Veratridine (Cevadine, Cevadin, Cevadene), a steroidal alkaloid found in plants of the lily family, is a voltage-gated sodium channel activator. Veratridine induces anxiogenic-like behaviors in rats. Veratrine  Chemical Structure
  87. GC26029 Valbenazine tosylate Valbenazine tosylate (NBI-98854) is the tosylate salt of valbenazine, a vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2) inhibitor with a Ki value of 150 nM while displaying no significant binding to VAMT1(Ki<10 μM). Valbenazine tosylate  Chemical Structure
  88. GC25991 tetrathiomolybdate Tetrathiomolybdate (TM) is used in the clinic for the treatment of Wilson's disease by inducing dimerization of the metal-binding domain of the cellular copper efflux protein ATP7B (WLN4) through a unique sulfur-bridged Mo2S6O2 cluster. tetrathiomolybdate  Chemical Structure
  89. GC25936 SLC13A5-IN-1 SLC13A5-IN-1 is a selective inhibitor of sodium-citrate co-transporter (SLC13A5/NaCT). It completely blocks the uptake of 14 C-citrate and has the potential for the treatment of metabolic and/or cardiovascular diseases. SLC13A5-IN-1  Chemical Structure
  90. GC25812 Quinidine sulfate Quinidine (Chinidin, Pitayine, β-quinine, (+)-quinidine) acts as a blocker of voltage-gated sodium channels, also an antimuscarinic and antimalarial. Quinidine sulfate  Chemical Structure
  91. GC25566 L-DAB HBR L-DAB HBR  Chemical Structure
  92. GC25558 Lanthanum(III) chloride heptahydrate Lanthanum(III) chloride is the inorganic compound used in biochemical research to block the activity of divalent cation channels, mainly calcium channels. Lanthanum(III) chloride heptahydrate  Chemical Structure
  93. GC25531 Isonipecotic acid Isonipecotic acid (4-Piperidinecarboxylic acid, 4-Carboxypiperidine, Hexahydroisonicotinic acid) is a heterocyclic compound that mainly acts as a GABAA receptor partial agonist. Isonipecotic acid  Chemical Structure
  94. GC25405 Evodine Evodine, a natural product extracted from Evodiae fructus (EF), is a biomarker for quality assessment of EF in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Evodine is a potent P-gp inhibitor. Evodine  Chemical Structure
  95. GC25386 Ethacrynate Sodium Ethacrynate Sodium (ethacrynic acid sodium) is the sodium salt form of ethacrynic acid, which inhibits symport of sodium, potassium, and chloride primarily in the ascending limb of Henle, but also in the proximal and distal tubules. Ethacrynate Sodium  Chemical Structure
  96. GC25345 Deudextromethorphan (AVP-786) Deudextromethorphan (AVP-786) is an active N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist. Deudextromethorphan (AVP-786)  Chemical Structure
  97. GC25174 Brucine sulfate heptahydrate Brucine is an alkaloid that acts as an antagonist at glycine receptors and paralyzes inhibitory neurons. Brucine sulfate heptahydrate  Chemical Structure
  98. GC25134 Benzocaine hydrochloride Benzocaine hydrochloride (Ethyl 4-aminobenzoate, Ethyl p-aminobenzoate) is a surface anesthetic that acts by preventing transmission of impulses along nerve fibers and at nerve endings. Benzocaine hydrochloride  Chemical Structure
  99. GC68476 (S)-Nicardipine (S)-Nicardipine  Chemical Structure
  100. GC68475 (R)-Nicardipine (R)-Nicardipine  Chemical Structure
  101. GC68438 AMPA receptor modulator-3 AMPA receptor modulator-3  Chemical Structure

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