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Other Signal Transduction

Signal Transduction

Cellular responses are triggered by proteins, drugs, or pathogens binding to specific receptors. Receptor mediated signaling is a cascade of enzymatic reactions that amplifies the signal. The agonists and antagonists modulating receptor functionality are essential tools for research and medical practice. read more

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  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. GC49890 β-Glycerophosphate-d5 (sodium salt hydrate)

    Glycerol 2-Phosphate-d5

    An internal standard for the quantification of β-glycerophosphate β-Glycerophosphate-d5 (sodium salt hydrate)  Chemical Structure
  3. GC13863 10Panx


    A peptide inhibitor of PANX1 10Panx  Chemical Structure
  4. GC49912 13C20,15N10-Cyclic di-GMP (sodium salt)

    13C20,15N10-c-di-GMP, 13C20,15N10-Cyclic diguanylate, 13C20,15N10-3’,5’-Cyclic diguanylic Acid

    An internal standard for the quantification of cyclic di-GMP 13C20,15N10-Cyclic di-GMP (sodium salt)  Chemical Structure
  5. GC52141 2-Chloro-N-methyl-N-(4-nitrophenyl)acetamide 2-Chloro-N-methyl-N-(4-nitrophenyl)acetamide  Chemical Structure
  6. GC52129 3-Amino-5-hydroxybenzoic Acid


    3-Amino-5-hydroxybenzoic Acid  Chemical Structure
  7. GC49494 4-Aminobenzylphosphonic Acid

    4-ABPA, NSC 12117

    An alkaline phosphatase inhibitor 4-Aminobenzylphosphonic Acid  Chemical Structure
  8. GP10121 Ac-Endothelin-1 (16-21), human


    Ac-Endothelin-1 (16-21), human  Chemical Structure
  9. GP10059 Acetyl Angiotensinogen (1-14), porcine


    Acetyl Angiotensinogen (1-14), porcine  Chemical Structure
  10. GP10076 Agouti-related Protein (AGRP) (25-82), human


    Agouti-related Protein (AGRP) (25-82), human  Chemical Structure
  11. GC49110 AICA Ribonucleotide

    AICA-Ribotide, AICA-Riboside-5'-phosphate, 5-Aminoimidazole-4-Carboxamide Ribonucelotide, NSC 283955, NSC 292227

    An AMPK activator AICA Ribonucleotide  Chemical Structure
  12. GC52361 AMARA Peptide (trifluoroacetate salt)

    AMARAASAAALARRR-OH, H-Ala-Met-Ala-Arg-Ala-Ala-Ser-Ala-Ala-Ala-Leu-Ala-Arg-Arg-Arg-OH

    A peptide substrate for AMPK AMARA Peptide (trifluoroacetate salt)  Chemical Structure
  13. GP10077 Angiotensin (1-7)


    Ang-(1-7) (H - Asp - Arg - Val - Tyr - Ile - His - Pro - OH) is an endogenous peptide fragment that can be produced from Ang I or Ang II via endo- or carboxy-peptidases respectively[1].

    Angiotensin (1-7)  Chemical Structure
  14. GP10074 Angiotensin 1/2 (1-5)


    Angiotensin 1/2 (1-5)  Chemical Structure
  15. GP10067 Angiotensin 1/2 (1-6)


    Angiotensin 1/2 (1-6)  Chemical Structure
  16. GP10144 Angiotensin 1/2 (1-7) amide


    Angiotensin 1/2 (1-7) amide  Chemical Structure
  17. GP10012 Angiotensin 1/2 (1-8) amide



    Angiotensin 1/2 (1-8) amide  Chemical Structure
  18. GP10025 Angiotensin 1/2 (1-9) Angiotensin 1/2 (1-9)  Chemical Structure
  19. GP10045 Angiotensin 1/2 (2-7)



    Angiotensin 1/2 (2-7)  Chemical Structure
  20. GP10079 Angiotensin 1/2 (5-7)


    Angiotensin 1/2 (5-7)  Chemical Structure
  21. GP10120 Angiotensin 1/2 + A (2 - 8)


    Vasoconstrictor Angiotensin 1/2 + A (2 - 8)  Chemical Structure
  22. GP10087 Angiotensin I (human, mouse, rat) Angiotensin I (human, mouse, rat)  Chemical Structure
  23. GP10023 Angiotensin II

    An agonist at AT1 and AT2 receptors

    Angiotensin II  Chemical Structure
  24. GP10110 Angiotensin III (human, mouse) An agonist at AT1 and AT2 receptors Angiotensin III (human, mouse)  Chemical Structure
  25. GP10137 ANP (1-11), rat


    ANP (1-11), rat  Chemical Structure
  26. GP10061 Atrial Natriuretic Factor (1-29), chicken


    Atrial Natriuretic Factor (1-29), chicken, (C130H223N51O41S5), a peptide with the sequence H2N-SPKMVQGSGCFGRKMDRISSSSGLGCKVLRRH-OH, MW= 3316.8. Atrial Natriuretic Factor (1-29), chicken  Chemical Structure
  27. GC49403 Benzarone

    L 2197, NSC 82134

    An active metabolite of benzbromarone Benzarone  Chemical Structure
  28. GC49300 BIM-46187 (hydrochloride) An inhibitor of heterotrimeric G-protein signaling BIM-46187 (hydrochloride)  Chemical Structure
  29. GP10071 BNP (1-32), human BNP (1-32), human  Chemical Structure
  30. GC49079 C82 An Mtb CdnP inhibitor C82  Chemical Structure
  31. GC49332 Calcineurin Substrate (trifluoroacetate salt)

    H-Asp-Leu-Asp-Val-Pro-Ile-Pro-Gly-Arg-Phe-Asp-Arg-Arg-Val-Ser-Val-Ala-Ala-Glu-OH, H-DLDVPIPGRFDRRVSVAAE-OH

    A synthetic peptide substrate Calcineurin Substrate (trifluoroacetate salt)  Chemical Structure
  32. GC49433 Capsiate A capsaicin analog with diverse biological activities Capsiate  Chemical Structure
  33. GC48992 CGP 77675 (hydrate) An inhibitor of Src family kinases CGP 77675 (hydrate)  Chemical Structure
  34. GC49392 CHIR98024

    CT 98024

    A GSK3 inhibitor CHIR98024  Chemical Structure
  35. GC49334 Chroman 1 (hydrochloride hydrate)

    (S)-Chroman 1

    A ROCK2 inhibitor Chroman 1 (hydrochloride hydrate)  Chemical Structure
  36. GC49556 Cl-Necrostatin-1

    7-Cl-Nec-1, 7-Cl-Necrostatin-1, Nec-1f

    A RIPK1 inhibitor Cl-Necrostatin-1  Chemical Structure
  37. GP10134 coagulation factor II (thrombin) B chain fragment [Homo sapiens]


    coagulation factor II (thrombin) B chain fragment [Homo sapiens]  Chemical Structure
  38. GP10010 COG 133


    COG 133  Chemical Structure
  39. GC49789 Dihydronarwedine

    (–)-Dihydrogalanthaminone, (–)-Lycoraminone

    An alkaloid and GSK3β inhibitor Dihydronarwedine  Chemical Structure
  40. GP10022 Dynamin inhibitory peptide


    Dynamin inhibitory peptide  Chemical Structure
  41. GC13855 Eeyarestatin I

    inhibitor of endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation (ERAD) and protein translocation

    Eeyarestatin I  Chemical Structure
  42. GP10030 EGF receptor substrate eps15 acetyl - [Mus musculus]/[Homo sapiens]


    EGF receptor substrate eps15 (Eps15) has been identified as a 142-kDa substrate of the EGF receptor1. EGF receptor substrate eps15 acetyl - [Mus musculus]/[Homo sapiens]  Chemical Structure
  43. GP10108 EGF-R (661-681) T669 Peptide


    EGF-R (661-681) T669 Peptide  Chemical Structure
  44. GC52002 Emavusertib


    Emavusertib  Chemical Structure
  45. GP10065 Endomorphin-1 Endomorphin-1  Chemical Structure
  46. GP10117 Endostatin (84-114)-NH2 (JKC367)


    Endostatin (84-114)-NH2 (JKC367)  Chemical Structure
  47. GP10062 Endothelin-1 (1-15), amide, human


    Endothelin-1 (1-15), amide, human  Chemical Structure
  48. GC52336 ENPP1 Inhibitor 43 An ENPP1 inhibitor ENPP1 Inhibitor 43  Chemical Structure
  49. GC52277 ENPP3 Inhibitor An ENPP3 inhibitor ENPP3 Inhibitor  Chemical Structure
  50. GC52362 ENPP3 Inhibitor 4g An ENPP1 and ENPP3 inhibitor ENPP3 Inhibitor 4g  Chemical Structure
  51. GC52322 ENPP3 Inhibitor 4t An ENPP3 inhibitor ENPP3 Inhibitor 4t  Chemical Structure
  52. GP10005 Epidermal growth factor receptor (994-1002) acetyl/amide


    EGF-family receptor

    Epidermal growth factor receptor (994-1002) acetyl/amide  Chemical Structure
  53. GP10095 Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Peptide (985-996)


    Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Peptide (985-996)  Chemical Structure
  54. GP10132 erbB-2


    erbB-2  Chemical Structure
  55. GC49074 Forphenicine A bacterial metabolite and an inhibitor of alkaline phosphatase Forphenicine  Chemical Structure
  56. GP10092 G protein coupled receptor [Homo sapiens]


    G protein coupled receptor [Homo sapiens], (C110H168N38O45), a peptide with the sequence H2N-QESHNSGNRSDGPGKNTTLHNEFDT-OH, MW= 2742.74. G protein coupled receptor [Homo sapiens]  Chemical Structure
  57. GP10107 Gap 26


    Gap 26  Chemical Structure
  58. GP10119 Gap 27


    A connexin-mimetic peptide

    Gap 27  Chemical Structure
  59. GC25450 GATA4-NKX2-5-IN-1


    GATA4-NKX2-5-IN-1 (3i-1000) is a small-molecule compound inhibiting GATA4 and NKX2-5 transcriptional synergy with IC50 of 3 uM

    GATA4-NKX2-5-IN-1  Chemical Structure
  60. GP10122 Glucagon (19-29), human


    Glucagon (19-29), human  Chemical Structure
  61. GP10024 Growth Hormone (1-43), human


    Human Growth Hormone (1-43) peptide Growth Hormone (1-43), human  Chemical Structure
  62. GC49284 GSK-A1

    A PI4KIIIα inhibitor

    GSK-A1  Chemical Structure
  63. GP10004 GTP binding protein 1 fragment [Multiple species]


    Signal transducing molecules GTP binding protein 1 fragment [Multiple species]  Chemical Structure
  64. GP10115 GTP-Binding Protein Fragment, G alpha


    GTP-Binding Protein Fragment, G alpha  Chemical Structure
  65. GP10041 Insulin like growth factor II fragment variant


    Insulin like growth factor II fragment variant has a sequence of Thr-Pro-Thr-Lys-Ser-Glu-Arg. Insulin like growth factor II fragment variant  Chemical Structure
  66. GP10029 Interleukin II (60-70)


    Cytokine,regulating WBC

    Interleukin II (60-70)  Chemical Structure
  67. GC52328 KYL (trifluoroacetate salt)

    KYL Peptide

    An EphA4 inhibitor KYL (trifluoroacetate salt)  Chemical Structure
  68. GC17779 Levetiracetam

    UCBL 059

    Antiepileptic drug Levetiracetam  Chemical Structure
  69. GP10140 MAP kinase fragment [Multiple species]


    MAP kinase fragment [Multiple species]  Chemical Structure
  70. GP10066 Melanocyte stimulating hormone release inhibiting factor


    Melanocyte stimulating hormone release inhibiting factor  Chemical Structure
  71. GC49269 Myr-ZIP

    Myristoylated-ZIP, Myristoylated Zeta-Pseudosubstrate Inhibitory Peptide, Myr-Ser-Ile-Tyr-Arg-Arg-Gly-Ala-Arg-Arg-Trp-Arg-Lys-Leu, Myr-SIYRRGARRWRKL-OH, Ζeta Inhibitory Peptide

    A PKMζ inhibitor Myr-ZIP  Chemical Structure
  72. GC49090 Nilvadipine-d4


    An internal standard for the quantification of nilvadipine Nilvadipine-d4  Chemical Structure
  73. GP10011 Nitric Oxide Synthase (599-613) Blocking Peptide, Bovine Endothelial Cell


    Nitric Oxide Synthase (599-613) Blocking Peptide, Bovine Endothelial Cell  Chemical Structure
  74. GP10069 Parathyroid hormone (1-34) (human) Parathyroid hormone (1-34) (human)  Chemical Structure
  75. GC52151 PKCθ Inhibitor (hydrochloride)

    Protein Kinase C θ Inhibitor

    PKCθ Inhibitor (hydrochloride)  Chemical Structure
  76. GC49265 PKI (14-22) amide (myristoylated) (trifluoroacetate salt)

    Myr-Gly-Arg-Thr-Gly-Arg-Arg-Asn-Ala-Ile-NH2, Myr-GRTGRRNAI-NH2, Myristoylated PKI-(14-22)-amide, PKI-(Myr-14-22)-amide

    A PKA inhibitor PKI (14-22) amide (myristoylated) (trifluoroacetate salt)  Chemical Structure
  77. GP10053 Prothrombin (474-477) [Mus musculus]


    Prothrombin (474-477) [Mus musculus]  Chemical Structure
  78. GC49221 QLT0267 An ILK inhibitor QLT0267  Chemical Structure
  79. GP10042 Rhodopsin peptide


    Rhodopsin peptide  Chemical Structure
  80. GC52115 S-99 An inhibitor of ASK1 S-99  Chemical Structure
  81. GP10104 S6 Kinase Substrate Peptide 32


    Measures the activity of kinases that phosphorylate ribosomal protein S6. S6 Kinase Substrate Peptide 32  Chemical Structure
  82. GC11058 Scrambled 10Panx

    Scrambled 10Panx Phe-Ser-Val-Tyr-Trp-Ala-Gln-Ala-Asp-Arg

    Panx-1 mimetic inhibitory peptide, blocks pannexin-1 gap junctions

    Scrambled 10Panx  Chemical Structure
  83. GP10093 signal transducer and activator of transcription 5 (322-343) acetyl/amide


    signal transducer and activator of transcription 5 (322-343) acetylamide, (C115H193N27O33), a peptide with the sequence Ac-DIISALVTSTFIIEKQPPQVLK-amide, MW= 2481.92. signal transducer and activator of transcription 5 (322-343) acetyl/amide  Chemical Structure
  84. GP10145 signal transducer and activator of transcription 6 fragment


    signal transducer and activator of transcription 6 fragment  Chemical Structure
  85. GP10085 Thrombin Receptor Activator for Peptide 5 (TRAP-5)


    Thrombin Receptor Activator for Peptide 5 (TRAP-5)  Chemical Structure
  86. GC49692 Tofacitinib-d3 (citrate)

    CP 690,550-d3

    An internal standard for the quantification of tofacitinib Tofacitinib-d3 (citrate)  Chemical Structure
  87. GC49150 Tpl2 Kinase Inhibitor (hydrochloride)

    c-Cot Kinase Inhibitor, MAP3K8 Kinase Inhibitor, Tumor Progression Locus 2 Kinase Inhibitor

    A Tpl2 inhibitor Tpl2 Kinase Inhibitor (hydrochloride)  Chemical Structure
  88. GP10112 TRH Precursor Peptide


    Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone Precursor Peptide

    TRH Precursor Peptide  Chemical Structure
  89. GP10091 Vasonatrin Peptide (1-27)


    Vasonatrin Peptide (1-27), (C124H198N36O36S3), a peptide with the sequence H2N-GLSKGCFGLKLDRIGSMSGLGCNSFRY-OH, MW= 2865.4. Vasonatrin Peptide (1-27)  Chemical Structure
  90. GC52274 Y-33075 (hydrochloride)

    RKI-983, SNJ-1656, Y-39983

    An inhibitor of ROCK2 Y-33075 (hydrochloride)  Chemical Structure
  91. GP10017 [Ser25] Protein Kinase C (19-31)


    PKC substrate

    [Ser25] Protein Kinase C (19-31)  Chemical Structure
  92. GP10096 β-Interleukin I (163-171), human


    β-Interleukin I (163-171), human  Chemical Structure
  93. GP10080 β-Interleukin II (44-56)


    β-Interleukin II (44-56)  Chemical Structure
  94. GP10111 β-Pompilidotoxin


    β-Pompilidotoxin  Chemical Structure

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