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Sigma Receptor

Sigma receptors are non-opioid receptors that interacted with psychostimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamine. It is associated with central nervous systems diseases, cancer and neuropathic pain etc.

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. GC15144 (±)-PPCC oxalate sigma (σ) receptor ligand
  3. GC18146 (+)-Igmesine hydrochloride σ1 receptor ligand
  4. GC17301 (+)-SK&F 10047 hydrochloride prototypical σ1 receptor agonist
  5. GC38712 (2R,3R)-E1R
  6. GC38713 (2R,3S)-E1R
  7. GC38714 (2S,3S)-E1R
  8. GC38721 (Rac)-E1R
  9. GC17723 4-IBP σ1 agonist
  10. GC13357 4-PPBP maleate σ ligand and NR1a/2B NMDA receptors antagonist
  11. GC19032 AVex-73 hydrochloride AVex-73 hydrochloride is a Sigma-1 Receptor agonist with an IC50 of 860 nM.
  12. GC16595 BD 1008 dihydrobromide δ1-receptor antagonist,potent and selective
  13. GC15374 BD 1047 dihydrobromide σ1 receptor antagonist
  14. GC15838 BD 1063 dihydrochloride σ1 receptor antagonist,potent and selective
  15. GC13796 BMY 14802 hydrochloride Sigma receptor antagonist
  16. GC33697 Cutamesine (SA4503)
  17. GC30956 Dimemorfan phosphate
  18. GC16598 DTG sigma receptor agonist
  19. GC17721 IPAG Potent σ-receptor antagonist
  20. GC12490 L-693,403 maleate High affinity σ ligand
  21. GC17380 Metaphit Acylator of PCP and σ-receptors

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