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Cholecystokinin Receptor

Cholecystokinin (CCK) is a neuropeptide that affects growth rate in chickens by regulating appetite. CCK peptides exert their function by binding to two identified receptors, CCKAR and CCKBR in the GI tract and the brain, respectively, as well as in other organs. In mammals, CCK/CCKAR interactions affect a number of immunological parameters, including regulation of lymphocytes and functioning of monocytes.

CCK, also known as pancreozymin, is synthesized and secreted by enteroendocrine cells in the duodenum. The main function of CCK is to cause the release of digestive enzymes and bile from the pancreas and gallbladder, respectively. It also induces drug tolerance to opioids like morphine and heroin. Cholecystokinin (CCK) has strong bioactivity in the regulation of a number of cell activities.

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  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. GC31558 CCK-A receptor inhibitor 1 CCK-A receptor inhibitor 1  Chemical Structure
  3. GC30752 CCK-B Receptor Antagonist 1 CCK-B Receptor Antagonist 1  Chemical Structure
  4. GC38746 CCK-B Receptor Antagonist 2 CCK-B Receptor Antagonist 2  Chemical Structure
  5. GC30008 Ceruletide (Caerulein) A cholecystokinetic agent and cholecystokinin receptor agonist Ceruletide (Caerulein)  Chemical Structure
  6. GC30674 CHEMBL333994 (FK-480) CHEMBL333994 (FK-480)  Chemical Structure
  7. GC18139 Devazepide CCK1 (CCK-A) receptor antagonist, orally active Devazepide  Chemical Structure
  8. GC35846 Dexloxiglumide Dexloxiglumide  Chemical Structure
  9. GC15133 Gastrin I (human) Selective CCK2 receptor agonist Gastrin I (human)  Chemical Structure
  10. GC30680 Gastrin/CCK antagonist 1 Gastrin/CCK antagonist 1  Chemical Structure
  11. GC31592 GI 181771 GI 181771  Chemical Structure
  12. GC10360 Lorglumide (sodium salt) nonpeptidic antagonist of the CCK A receptor Lorglumide (sodium salt)  Chemical Structure
  13. GC31382 Loxiglumide (CR-1505) Loxiglumide (CR-1505)  Chemical Structure
  14. GC36610 Mini Gastrin I, human Mini Gastrin I, human  Chemical Structure
  15. GC36611 Mini Gastrin I, human TFA Mini Gastrin I, human TFA  Chemical Structure
  16. GC19258 Nastorazepide Nastorazepide (Z-360) is a selective, orally available, 1,5-benzodiazepine-derivative gastrin/cholecystokinin 2 (CCK-2) receptor antagonist with potential antineoplastic activity. Nastorazepide  Chemical Structure
  17. GC32776 Pentagastrin (ICI-50123) Pentagastrin (ICI-50123)  Chemical Structure
  18. GC36976 Proglumide Proglumide  Chemical Structure
  19. GC11012 Proglumide sodium salt Non-selective cholecystokinin (CCK) antagonist Proglumide sodium salt  Chemical Structure
  20. GC31407 Sograzepide (Netazepide) Sograzepide (Netazepide)  Chemical Structure
  21. GC14258 SR 27897 CCK1 receptor antagonist SR 27897  Chemical Structure
  22. GC31477 Tarazepide Tarazepide  Chemical Structure

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