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Cancer Biology

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. GC13460 2-Hydroxyestradiol

    anti-cancer agent acting as an angiogenesis inhibitor via the HIF-1a pathway

  3. GP10113 Adrenomedullin (1-12), human Vasodilator
  4. GP10109 Adrenorphin

    Endogenous μ/κ opioid agonist,potent and selective

  5. GC11189 AI-10-49 Inhibitor of CBFβ –SMMHC and RUNX1 interaction
  6. GP10057 Amyloid β-Peptide (10-20) (human)

    Initiates neurodegeneration in Alzheimer disease

  7. GC10612 BQU57 Derivative of RBC8
  8. GP10127 Cadherin Peptide, avian

    Role in cell adhesion

  9. GP10098 Cdk2/Cyclin Inhibitory Peptide I

    Cell division protein kinase 2

  10. GC16722 CE3F4 Uncompetitive Epac1 inhibitor
  11. GC12948 CID-1067700

    competitive inhibitor of nucleotide binding by Ras-related GTPases

  12. GP10143 Cytochrome c - pigeon (88-104)

    Triggers T Cell response

  13. GP10007 Cytochrome c fragment (93-108)

    Initiates apoptosis

  14. GP10141 Cytochrome P450 CYP1B1 (190-198) [Homo sapiens]

    Sequence: H2N-FLDPRPLTV-OH

  15. GP10022 Dynamin inhibitory peptide

    Peptide inhibitor of GTPase dynamin

  16. GP10005 Epidermal growth factor receptor (994-1002) acetyl/amide

    EGF-family receptor

  17. GP10095 Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Peptide (985-996)

    EGFR Peptide (985-996)

  18. GP10132 erbB-2

    Tyrosine kinase (TK) receptor

  19. GC15555 Farnesyl Thiosalicylic Acid Amide inhibits tumor growth
  20. GP10123 Fas C- Terminal Tripeptide


  21. GP10146 ferritin heavy chain fragment [Multiple species]

    Ferritin heavy chain fragment

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