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Neurons communicate with each other, effector organs and sensory organs through the neurotransmitter – receptor pathway at synapses. Neurotransmitters can be divided into 4 major groups: 1. Amino acids (glumate, aspartate, serine, glycine and GABA); 2. Monoamines (norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine, histamine, and serotonin); 3. Peptides (opioid peptides, substance P, somatostatin); and 4. Others (acetylcholine, NO, nucleosides). read more

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  2. GP10121 Ac-Endothelin-1 (16-21), human

    ETA/ETB agonist,vasoconstrictor

    Ac-Endothelin-1 (16-21), human  Chemical Structure
  3. GP10109 Adrenorphin

    Endogenous μ/κ opioid agonist,potent and selective

    Adrenorphin  Chemical Structure
  4. GP10102 Adrenorphin, Free Acid

    μ/κ opioid receptor agonist

    Adrenorphin, Free Acid  Chemical Structure
  5. GP10076 Agouti-related Protein (AGRP) (25-82), human

    Agouti-related peptide(25-82)

    Agouti-related Protein (AGRP) (25-82), human  Chemical Structure
  6. GP10099 amyloid A protein fragment [Homo sapiens] Apolipoproteins related to HDL in plasma amyloid A protein fragment [Homo sapiens]  Chemical Structure
  7. GP10118 Amyloid Beta-Peptide (1-40) (human) Amyloid precursor protein Amyloid Beta-Peptide (1-40) (human)  Chemical Structure
  8. GP10049 Amyloid Beta-Peptide (12-28) (human)


    Amyloid Beta-Peptide (12-28) (human)  Chemical Structure
  9. GP10082 Amyloid Beta-peptide (25-35) (human)

    Functional domain of Aβ

    Amyloid Beta-peptide (25-35) (human)  Chemical Structure
  10. GP10046 Amyloid Precursor C-Terminal Peptide

    For beta amyloid generation

    Amyloid Precursor C-Terminal Peptide  Chemical Structure
  11. GP10057 Amyloid β-Peptide (10-20) (human)

    Initiates neurodegeneration in Alzheimer disease

    Amyloid β-Peptide (10-20) (human)  Chemical Structure
  12. GP10094 Amyloid β-peptide (10-35), amide Truncated peptide model Amyloid β-peptide (10-35), amide  Chemical Structure
  13. GP10097 Amyloid β-Protein (1-15)

    Principal component of amyloid

    Amyloid β-Protein (1-15)  Chemical Structure
  14. GP10083 Beta-Amyloid (1-11) Amyloidogenic peptide Beta-Amyloid (1-11)  Chemical Structure
  15. GP10051 Beta-Lipotropin (1-10), porcine

    Morphine-like substance

    Beta-Lipotropin (1-10), porcine  Chemical Structure
  16. GP10101 Beta-Sheet Breaker Peptide iAβ5

    Peptide which can inhibit amyloidogenesis

    Beta-Sheet Breaker Peptide iAβ5  Chemical Structure
  17. GP10127 Cadherin Peptide, avian

    Role in cell adhesion

    Cadherin Peptide, avian  Chemical Structure
  18. GP10010 COG 133

    ApoE mimetic peptide

    COG 133  Chemical Structure
  19. GP10070 Dynorphin (2-17), amide, porcine

    A modulator of pain response

    Dynorphin (2-17), amide, porcine  Chemical Structure
  20. GP10065 Endomorphin-1

    Agonist of μopioid receptors,highly potent and selective

    Endomorphin-1  Chemical Structure
  21. GP10146 ferritin heavy chain fragment [Multiple species]

    Ferritin heavy chain fragment

    ferritin heavy chain fragment [Multiple species]  Chemical Structure
  22. GP10107 Gap 26

    Gap junction blocker peptide, mapping to connexin 43 residue 63-75

    Gap 26  Chemical Structure
  23. GP10119 Gap 27

    Selective gap junction blocker

    Gap 27  Chemical Structure
  24. GP10115 GTP-Binding Protein Fragment, G alpha

    Hydrolyzes GTP to GDP

    GTP-Binding Protein Fragment, G alpha  Chemical Structure
  25. GC14612 JNJ-31020028 selective brain penetrant antagonist of neuropeptide Y2 receptor JNJ-31020028  Chemical Structure
  26. GP10103 Laminin (925-933)

    Extracellular matrix glycoprotein

    Laminin (925-933)  Chemical Structure
  27. GP10066 Melanocyte stimulating hormone release inhibiting factor

    MSH release-inhibiting factor

    Melanocyte stimulating hormone release inhibiting factor  Chemical Structure
  28. GP10006 Myelin Basic Protein (68-82), guinea pig

    Myelin Basic Protein

    Myelin Basic Protein (68-82), guinea pig  Chemical Structure
  29. GP10130 Myelin Basic Protein (87-99)

    Encephalitogenic peptide

    Myelin Basic Protein (87-99)  Chemical Structure
  30. GP10011 Nitric Oxide Synthase (599-613) Blocking Peptide, Bovine Endothelial Cell

    Blocker of NO production

    Nitric Oxide Synthase (599-613) Blocking Peptide, Bovine Endothelial Cell  Chemical Structure
  31. GP10069 Parathyroid hormone (1-34) (human)

    Increases blood calcium level

    Parathyroid hormone (1-34) (human)  Chemical Structure
  32. GP10106 Parathyroid Hormone (1-34), bovine

    Enhancer of blood calcium level

    Parathyroid Hormone (1-34), bovine  Chemical Structure
  33. GP10014 parathyroid hormone (7-34) [Homo sapiens]/[Macaca fascicularis]

    Enhancer of blood calcium level

    parathyroid hormone (7-34) [Homo sapiens]/[Macaca fascicularis]  Chemical Structure
  34. GP10032 Rac GTPase fragment

    Fragment of small signaling G proteins

    Rac GTPase fragment  Chemical Structure
  35. GP10042 Rhodopsin peptide

    Pigment in retina photoreceptor cell;GPCR

    Rhodopsin peptide  Chemical Structure
  36. GP10084 type II collagen fragment

    Specific for cartilaginous tissues

    type II collagen fragment  Chemical Structure
  37. GP10017 [Ser25] Protein Kinase C (19-31)

    PKC substrate

    [Ser25] Protein Kinase C (19-31)  Chemical Structure
  38. GP10081 α-Endorphin


    α-Endorphin  Chemical Structure
  39. GP10111 β-Pompilidotoxin

    Slows Na+ channel inactivation

    β-Pompilidotoxin  Chemical Structure

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