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β-catenin is a dual function protein, regulating the coordination of cell–cell adhesion and gene transcription. In humans, the CTNNB1 protein is encoded by the CTNNB1 gene. β-catenin is a subunit of the cadherin protein complex and acts as an intracellular signal transducer in the Wnt signaling pathway. It is a member of the catenin protein family and homologous to γ-catenin. Mutations and overexpression of β-catenin are associated with many cancers, including hepatocellular carcinoma, colorectal carcinoma, lung cancer,malignant breast tumors, ovarian and endometrial cancer. β-catenin is regulated and destroyed by the beta-catenin destruction complex, and in particular by the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) protein, encoded by the tumour-suppressing APC gene. Therefore genetic mutation of the APC gene is also strongly linked to cancers, and in particular colorectal cancer resulting from familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP).

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. GC31663 Adavivint (SM04690)
  3. GC17840 Cardiogenol C hydrochloride Induces differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells (ESCs) into cardiomyocytes
  4. GC17782 Cardionogen 1 Wnt signaling modulator
  5. GC10253 CCT 031374 hydrobromide inhibits TCF-dependent transcription, blocks BIO-induced β-catenin stabilization
  6. GC17606 CCT251545 Orally bioavailable and potent WNT signaling inhibitor
  7. GC16702 CHIR-99021 (CT99021) GSK-3 inhibitor, Cell-permeable, ATP-competitive
  8. GC17153 CHIR-99021 (CT99021) HCl GSK-3α/β inhibitor
  9. GC32914 EMT inhibitor-1
  10. GC19144 ETC-159 ETC-159 is a potent, orally available PORCN inhibitor.
  11. GC14299 exo-IWR 1 Negative control for endo-IWR 1 (Wnt signaling inhibitor)
  12. GC12134 FH535 Wnt/B-catenin inhibitor
  13. GC36073 Foxy-5
  14. GC33304 Gigantol
  15. GC30767 Heparan Sulfate A complex and linear polysaccharide
  16. GC16963 HLY78 positive modulator of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway
  17. GC16893 ICG 001 Wnt/β-catenin pathway inhibitor
  18. GC16640 iCRT 14 CRT inhibitor
  19. GC19198 iCRT3 iCRT3 is an inhibitor of both Wnt and β-catenin-responsive transcription.
  20. GC15123 IDE 1 activate the TGF-β signaling pathway
  21. GC10854 IDE 2 inducer of definitive endoderm formation

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